Review: AVICII Invector

Review: AVICII Invector

‘I’m addicted to you’ and ‘Like a powerful drug I can’t get enough of’ the lyrics from Avicii’s song Addicted to you perfectly fit my feelings for this incredible tribute for Tim Bergling. Based on mobile game Gravity, Swedish developer Hello There Games delivers one of the best rhythm games for Xbox!

Can’t Catch Me // Pure Grinding // What Would I Change it to // The Nights // Waiting for Love // Gonna Love Ya // You be Love // Friend of Mine // Sunset Jesus // Fade Into Darkness // Wake me Up // Lonely Together // Without You // Hey Brother // Levels // I Could be the One // You Make Me // Lay me Down // For a Better Day // Broken Arrows // True Believer // Heaven // Tough Love // Fades Away.

What we liked!

  • Triangle tracks: The gameplay in general is thrilling but the real reason why it continues to feel fresh and exciting is how the game is split up into three gameplay parts. You have the rhythm action that we know from Guitar Hero and short checkpoint flying sections but what I really adored was the triangle paths. Pressing left or right changes your angle and keeping up with every note (especially on hard) is really difficult but so much fun! With the three difficulties, everyone will have an enjoyable time too without getting annoyed. You can’t fail a song either, unlike most others in the genre you keep on running the track even if you miss a lot of notes.
  • Personality: The story mode features some short cutscenes with the playable female character, this has nothing to do with Avicii but brings some much-needed personality. Could they have expanded on this a little? Absolutely, this isn’t a fleshed-out story experience but it definitely adds a lot to the game.
  • Visually outstanding: The use of colors, the story environments, and cutscenes or the little effects that pop up everywhere. Everything looks crisp and fantastic, more importantly, the game runs perfectly too.
  • Tim Bergling Foundation: (no score influence) 25% of all royalties will be to this suicide awareness foundation. So with your money, you will be supporting a good cause and have an awesome game to play!

Somewhere between

  • Getting perfects: Might be me that is missing timing skill but throughout my experience, I never managed to master the perfect mechanics. For example, you have an Achievement for having a 15x perfect streak but I didn’t unlock it after playing it multiple hours. This is the key to having a high placement on the leaderboards, especially if you can combine it with the boost score multiplier.

What we disliked

  • Not really something I dislike but maybe you will … and that is the EDM songs. I’m 100% sure that you will know one or more songs on the soundtrack but if you don’t like electronic dance music it will be hard to enjoy AVICII Invector. Most other rhythm games have a selection of different music genre, this isn’t to give any sort of negative critic but not everyone likes the same music, right?



AVICII Invector is a perfect way to say goodbye to Tim and a perfect rhythm game to have in your game library. Fun high speed gameplay, a good selection of songs (if you like EDM) and fancy visuals make this an incredible ride. I’m addicted to you, AVICII Invector.