Review | Active Neurons 3: Wonders of the World

Review | Active Neurons 3: Wonders of the World

Active Neurons 3: Wonders of the World is the third and final installment developed by the creative mind that is USANIK STD. And that name may sound familiar to you if you’ve been following us for a while now. Our Editor-in-Chief DaeJim has reviewed the previous installment and today it is my chance to review this last iteration. Will it be as good as the previous ones? Or were those that came before it better? Let’s find out in this short review of… Active Neurons 3: Wonders of the World!

This is a short-review, our usual the good, mixed and the bad was difficult because of the nature of this game. We played Active Neurons 3: Wonders of the World for 5 hours on Xbox Series X.

Just like those that came before it, Active Neurons 3 (I’m going to shorten the name for the rest of the review) is built upon the same core concept that the others had. Take your block from starting position A to the finish line with an increasingly harder difficulty with each world that you complete. So, don’t let this simple puzzler fool you into thinking that it’s going to be a breeze. Trust me, I did… And I regretted that I thought this to be a quick and easy game!

Visually it looks and plays flawlessly. For a game this basic, the graphics should be held responsible for their actions and sent to prison for being too beautiful! The lighting, coloring, … Everything just fits together and doesn’t become boring to look at even if it’s just constantly the same thing that you’ll be looking at for the next few hours! I say hours because before you know it, 3 hours have passed, and you’ll be scratching your head wondering where they have gone to…

Sound & musically, Active Neurons 3 again takes home the crown with its amazing soundtrack. Those who know chillstep will be wanting this music score, and truth be told, I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on it either.

The absolute only thing struck me as odd? Is that for a game that is this god damned beautiful and refined? The narrator that is at the start of the game just feels like he phoned his line in to get a quick pay-check. “I am a robot and I have no feelings.” Why? USANIK STD, you should have listened to what this guy sent in or something. Because for a game this polished? It’s just an utter shame to see it besmirched by a lazy narrator! Thank god that it’s not throughout the entirety of the game…


Active Neurons 3 is an excellent game! It’s an absolutely gorgeous game to look at, has relaxing and soothing music, and put those neurons inside of your brain to work. The game is the perfect workout for your noggin’, and you’ll be scratching your head from time to time. Though it tends to teeter off a bit towards the end due to its repetitive nature. If enjoyed with moderation? You’ll surely come to fall in love with it in just the same way as I did!