Quantic Pinball review

Quantic Pinball review

Quantic Pinball

Developer Shine Games takes a go at the pinball genre, adding a few twists to make the experience more fresh. Not comparing this with the console behemoth Pinball FX3 is impossible and Quantic Pinball manages to stand out from the competition. In this review we will take the positive and negative ramps so you’ll know if this game is worth buying or not! 


  • Quantic Pinball has some kind of mini game table that mixes Space Invaders with pinball. You need to hit enemies with your ball before the time runs out. Surviving waves and waves is pretty addictive and simply the most fun you’ll have with this game. You also have a specific Achievement for this mode for reaching wave 30, good luck!
  • Unlike other pinball games this is a lot more chaotic because multiballs are a lot easier. Each of the eight tables has some kind of special gameplay feature too keeping this a little bit more exciting.
  • An electric voice and some pretty good trance music works hand in hand with the fast and hectic gameplay. Nothing Earth-shattering but it does the job right.

Mixed Feelings

  • Performance isn’t always 100%, weirdly enough on Xbox One X more than the regular Xbox One. Frame drops happen and that’s pretty annoying with a game like Pinball. Most of the times Quantic Pinball runs good though, so nothing remotely frustrating but still noticeable.


  • Purple is my favorite colour but even that doesn’t help getting  not bored of the overall look from Quantic Pinball. They never change the art style or colour lay-out. After playing the first three levels I was thinking to myself why didn’t they add some more variation? The actual pinball view is rather small too, the right and left corner is empty and can you guess what colour it has? Right … purple.
  • Questionable ball physics, what you expect don’t always happen. This is making it a little bit harder to aim for ramps. (or the level exit) Regularly the ball bounce moves into weird and unrealistic behavior, so don’t expect realistic gameplay.

Quantic Pinball [Score: 5,8/10] This isn’t a bad game but it misses some extra touches to become something more worth buying. The cheap price is nice and you get some fun hours from it but the visuals are really lacking and the ball physics could have been a lot better.