Product Portfolio RIG headsets for Xbox One

LifeisXbox was invited at the European Plantronics headquarters to experience the impressive line up for headsets. You might know them better under the name RIG, all officially licensed for Xbox One. Let us take a look what will be available this year. 

 RIG 100HX

The cheapest RIG-headset but at the same time the one with the most technical advantages. The open exoskeleton design is perfect for those who still want to use their soundbar or surround system. It has a rotating left or right mic so you can choose your ear. Price: €30 


RIG 400HX Atmos

Useful about this headset is the removable mic boom. In other words it is possible to use this one as a music headset on the bus too. Price: €50 | With Atmos: €60 You also have a Camo version for €60


 RIG 800LX

This premium headset is the best of the best. With a flip to mute boom mic, more than 24 hour battery life and with modular design it’s really comfortable. Price: €170 (with Atmos)

(An in-depth review for this headset: Coming December 01)