Preview | Zedfest

Preview | Zedfest

LifeisXbox’s Zedfest preview | Zedfest is a 4 player co-op third-person shooter developed and published by Diagrammet AB. Zedfest is basically a game show where 1 – 4 people take it on against creatures called Zeds. These Zeds are made for the sole purpose of this show, their goal is to neutralize the contestant(s) before they are able to kill the horde or complete all of the objectives. As luck may have it, these Zeds are dumb as hell! They do become a problem, however, when they start surrounding you. So stay on the move, and shoot everything that moves and that looks even a little like a Zed!

What is there to do in Zedfest?

There are currently 2 modes to choose from in Zedfest; Objective and Horde.

In Objective, you kill a wave of unlimited Zeds. Now, in order to make the wave limited you’ll have to complete objectives. These objectives can range from throwing Zeds into a blender, finding items, doing math, and more… At the end of each wave, you’ll be given money that can be used to restore health, buy items, weapons, and ammo. After completing one of these objectives, the Zeds will stop spawning and it’s up to you to kill the remaining Zeds.
Upon launching the game there’s the option to choose between 4, 8, 12, or unlimited waves. At the end of one of these (except from unlimited, as there’s no end, unless you die) you’ll find yourself fighting against a boss. These bosses are extremely difficult to defeat and require a lot of teamwork and coordination. Horde is exactly the same as Objective, but instead of completing objectives, you’ll have to kill a set amount of Zeds. The more waves you’ve completed, the more Zeds there will be.

Zedfest also has a very large selection of maps, which is amazing! The graphics in this game were very decent and there were no performance issues at all. When battling Zeds there’s also metal music in the background, and I love it! It kinda reminds me of the recent Doom games, it makes me want to rip and tear the Zeds.

Different classes

Zedfest offers the player a choice between 5 different classes which can be changed at any time at no cost! The classes consist of Commando, Nuker, Torpedo, Doctor, and Bonebreaker. Each class has unique stats and also has its own leveling system – every level-up will reward you with new perks for your character. Besides the classes having leveling systems, so do the weapons themselves. Leveling up a weapon will increase its stats, which is in my opinion a fun way to add replayability to Zedfest.

Things that can be improved

When playing Zedfest for the first time I found myself wondering what to do as there is, at this moment, no such thing as a tutorial (unless I overlooked it). One good thing about a missing tutorial, however, is that it makes me communicate more with my teammates – we can tell each other how the game works.

The Objective mode, compared to the Horde mode, was a lot more difficult! I found myself struggling in the Objective mode on the easiest difficulty with people, while I was able to do Horde mode with ease on the harder difficulties in solo… One main reason as to why, may be because some objectives require you to place something in a device, doing that will require you to stand still for about 3 – 5 seconds. And as you can imagine, not moving while hundreds of Zeds are surrounding you is not easy…

I do also wish it would be possible to collect money from Zeds that you kill in battle and spend it during the matches themselves. During the 8th wave, I found myself quickly running out of ammo despite having one of those ammo stations that refill my weapons a little. Because of this, I was forced to use my melee weapons, which isn’t very ideal when fighting against 10 – 30 remaining Zeds. At the time of writing, it doesn’t look like that there is proper support for controllers and AZERTY keyboards – I had to change my keyboard into QWERTY before I could do anything as the button mapping does not seem to work properly.


Zedfest is lots of fun to play alone, with friends, or even strangers! The Objective mode can use a little more improvements and stabilization. A fixed button mapping system would also be great, so I don’t have to keep switching between keyboards! I am definitely looking forward to the full release of this game and can’t wait to play it with some of my friends!