Preview: Wonder Blade

Preview: Wonder Blade

Hey all! Welcome back to another preview! Today we will be looking at Wonder Blade, developed by PUPPET DEPOT GAME STUDIO and published by East2west Games. Wonder Blade is an indie adventure game that, in my opinion, really deserves your attention. In the game, you start by competing in some duels. These duals are in an arena in front of the king and his daughter. Then suddenly the bad guy pops out of nowhere and steals the princess! So, in complete Mario style, you, of course, have to go and save her! I had a ton of fun playing this, and the first time I played, I turned it on, and suddenly I was 2.5 hours further. This game was a joy to play, but it has some flaws and bugs as well. Let me tell you all about it!

About the game

As mentioned above, the story is kind of like Mario. However, the gameplay is nothing alike. You start with the basic things: a little sword and some magic, and I was pleased to see you can upgrade these later in the game. You keep unlocking stuff like a new sword,  a new outfit, new magic, or even a jump attack. It’s exhilarating to get new things, in my opinion. Then there are the levels. They are all so different. Most of them are just your normal few monsters with some stronger ones, and after a while, you get a boss. But there are some different fantastic levels in there as well. And let’s not forget about the bosses, who are all unique. Yes, some have the same kind of attacks. But they are all unique in their own way.

What we liked so far

There is a little humor in the game, and I like it when a game doesn’t take itself so seriously. I’ll spoil one moment cause it was just too good. You run into a cave, and there are some enemies. In the background, there is a living room with a shower and tv and stuff. While I was fighting, there suddenly pops a face from the shower being like: OH MY GOD! Then he comes and joins the fight. This was so funny and made me smile. And there are more jokes like this, but ill leave them for you to see yourself.

Every now and then, you get a mount! In one of the early levels, I found a Lizzard that made me think of Yoshi. It was terrific riding him into battle!

What could still use some work

Now for the less pleasant things. There is no option to change the volume! When you open the game, you’ll get ear blasted, and you need to complete the tutorial before you can get into a settings menu. I couldn’t survive, so I alt+tabbed out and changed it on my PC’s volume mixer. So when I got out of the tutorial, I thought I would be able to change it… Well, yes, you can turn it off entirely, but there is no slider. And there is also no way to change the key bindings. I find this weird, and I really hope they will change it. Also, I like achievements. But I don’t think they are supposed to be there in big letters on my screen, for the entire level.

In conclusion

I can’t do anything else than recommend this enjoyable game. It was a blast playing through it and as said before, you will lose track of time cause you are having fun. And that while having some lovely funny moments there as well! The music and key-bindings options missing are a bummer, but the normal keybinds are fine. And you can change the volume on your PC like me.