Preview: Wira & Taksa Against the Master of Gravity

Preview: Wira & Taksa Against the Master of Gravity

Wira & Taksa Against the Master of Gravity is 3S Design their first Steam game. It’s a cute platform game where gravity and puzzles play a central role. Right now, the game is in Early Access (as of August 27th), and it’s supposed to release in full somewhere mid-2021. New stages are added weekly, so we’re giving our impression of the game so far!

About the game

Wira & Taksa is a videogame that mixes the platforms and breaks heads, adding to them the special component of mixing the gravities of the universe to generate in the users a fantastic and fun game experience. The game handles an orthogonal or two-dimensional view however being built entirely in 3 dimensions we decided to exploit this feature in certain parts of the level where the world literally turns 90 degrees letting the player discover a new area to explore and travel.

The game so far

When I started playing Wira & Taksa, I was immediately sold. It’s an adorable game that has fun puzzles that aren’t too difficult. I especially loved the 90 degrees turning world, which I didn’t expect at first (no, I didn’t read the description of the game at first). There’s no basic jumping either, you change the gravity and run on the ceiling when you ‘jump’. The switching between the two characters adds a fun dynamic to the gameplay: Taksa is fast and perfect to avoid traps, while Wira is strong and uses his hammer to crush enemies. They make a perfect team and it’s always perfectly clear who is your best choice in each situation. Besides this, 3S Design gave the game beautiful graphics and an adorable soundtrack. The other sounds are pretty great as well, with my favorite being the little noise Taksa makes when he jumps.

Now, for the lesser parts of this game. There are achievements, which is great, but there are only 9. On top of that, I immediately unlocked an achievement when I started the game and even though this sometimes happens in games, I really don’t feel like starting the game deserves an achievement. Other than this, I didn’t really encounter any demerits. There were no bugs or glitches so this is already a pretty damn decent game!

In conclusion

Seeing as Wira & Taksa Against the Master of Gravity is this studio’s first game, they did a more than fair job. So far, this game seems already close to finished when it comes to polishing. The graphics are adorable, the gameplay is fun but not too difficult, and I didn’t encounter a single bug. There are one too few achievements, but honestly, if that is the only demerit I find in a game, it can easily be overlooked.