Preview: What Alexis thinks about CrossfireX

Preview: What Alexis thinks about CrossfireX

So, you’ve all had the chance to read Dae Jim ‘s vision and thoughts about CrossfireX. And, just like him? I also had my shot at CrossfireX ‘s beta. Honestly, I didn’t really follow this game one bit. And I fell out of thin air when I got the chance to try it out. So, after a quick look around? I got quite excited at what I saw. So I started up my download, waited for it to finish and finally got into it. And while Dae Jim ‘s pretty excited about it? I am more on the “what the f-” side of the game. For a couple of reasons.

Now, keep in mind! This IS a Beta. Meaning that what we got to see during this period? Wasn’t final build yet. So a lot of things are still up to changing, and for the love of god? I surely hope they do. While it’s not all doom and gloom? They still have to make a lot of tweaks, in my honest opinion, for it to become a good game.
Now, with all the pleasantries aside? Let’s get into my vision and view of what is CrossfireX! Frag on!
Sidenote: Be sure to read Dae Jim ‘s Preview first, as he took care of the entire introduction about who made it and whatnot! Alright? LETS GET IT ON!

God dayum, that engine!

CrossfireX ‘s game engine is a beast!
There’s a lot of stuff happening on the screen at the same time, yet! Even with all of those particles flying around, bullets shooting across the screen, fire blazing in certain sections, and water droplets pinging you in the face? The FPS remains buttery smooth! Like, no joke! I didn’t even have one friggin’ FPS drop. That stuff ‘s insane! Even big AAA titles have this issue, and they often have less happening at the same time!
And don’t think that they sacrificed visual beauty to make this happen. Oh no, no they didn’t!
They made this game look B-E-A-Utiful! With High-Definition quality and good lighting? CrossfireX made my heart sing with joy when I saw that I could see all the tiny details on my guns! Keep up the good work, on the art department!

A game tailored towards every market!

For the tactical player: If you are a tactical, no guns blazing kind of player, and detest those reckless Leroy kinds of wanna-be scrubs? Then the Classic mode is especially for you!
In this mode you have one common goal, either plant the bomb, or defuse (keeping them off of it is preferred, but? We all know that there will be situations where your team gets outsmarted!)
And not only that? This mode is distilled towards the most bare-bones version of the shooter genre. Everyone is put on the same advantages and disadvantages. No scoping, unless you are a sniper. No one can run, so no additional speed for those speedrunners amongst us. Did you die? You wait!
Take this mode seriously, because this mode can truly become a contender for Counter-Strike!
For the gun-totin’, Rambo-esque, shooty McGee’s: Yup! Even you guys will find some joy in this mode! Picture Battlefield ‘s TDM mode with Capture the flag, combined with timed events on the map? And you’ve got Modern mode!
In the tryout map for this mode, Tower? You start on one of the upper floors of an office building. On this floor there are 2 capture points. Hold them as long as you can, because when the ticker reaches a certain value on either side? A bomb goes off, and the building will start to collapse. It’s here where you get the option! Stay on the floor, and try to capture, or hold, those 2 points for as long as you can. Or, bail out immediately, and capture the next flag! The more flags your team has? The quicker your ticker rises.
When the floor finally collapses? Those other 2 points are gone for good, and the mode turns into a king of the hill kind of mode, where you battle for the same capture point, and rake in the victory over a bloody scrap! Hoooh, this mode will surely get your adrenaline pumping!

Fast loading times

We all know this right? You finally get into the game. You select the mode that you want to play? And the game searches for a match, and then loads it in… Well, time to get up and grab a drink, right?
Yeah… Get your drinks and snacks BEFORE you start playing CrossfireX!
Because they won’t have any of that! It took me around 15 seconds from the match being found until I saw my crosshair on the screen! It’s just so damn fast!
I don’t know what kind of magic they’ve got? But they should sure as hell share it with the others!
And don’t think you’ll be playing the game with stuttering or bad connections either! This entire thing plays buttery smooth.

But this is where my irritations start to boil up. While the engine and technology powering this game is absolutely superb? And nothing can be said about the modes?
Some elements in the game itself need some serious looking into!

Gun balance needs some serious tweaking

There are a few guns in the game that are just absolutely amazing to play with, and others that are just absolute shite. Not because they lack a punch. But rather, their punch is just rediculous.
Take the shotgun for instance. The pellets seem to be boulders, because you can easily headshot someone, killing them in one hit… from all across the room. I mean, did I accidentally unlock a sniper shotgun? What? Why would this be a good thing! This takes away the entire meaning of a shotgun, which is a close range kind of weapon!
Or, talking about snipers? The AWM. This gun means business! Because if you shoot someone in the leg? Pow! Headshot! … I’m sorry, didn’t you know that the AWM was loaded with Bus rounds? Oh, I mean, Bus SIZED rounds!
It’s a Beta still, so, changes will still be made. But come on… This game has a lot of players in Asia… This SHOULD have been noticed already!
Knife speedrunners are a thing as well! And don’t think that they get a small speedbuff. Oh no, they move around like the roadrunner… on crack! These guys are tough to nail, and don’t let them get to close either! Their small knife has a hitbox on you and can one-hit kill you

Spawn camping IS A THING!

Yup. This. All of this!
In the Modern mode, on Tower? Both spawn spots are wide open. The enemy can just waltz straight in there and murder your Lilly white ass with minimum effort! Ofcourse, they’ll die from gunfire. But. They’re in the possibility. And, if the enemy team sees that one guy is camping outside your entrance, with a STRAIGHT WIDE OPEN SHOT ON YOUR SPAWNING HEAD? They’ll join suit, making it a Spawn camping fiësta! … How! Why! … HOW!
Who in God ‘s holy name thought that this would have been a great idea! I’d have loved to see that pitch meeting! “And what about spawn zones? Should be close them off? Add god mode for spawners for 2 seconds?” And that one guy said “How about just open spawn zones and free for all shooting?” … You got a deal!
Please, for the love of god! Protect these spawn zones because they just suck the fun right out of it! ugh.

My opinion …

I am a bit of a hit or miss kind of guy with CrossfireX. On the one hand? They’ve got a ‘uge, potentially game-scene transforming game on their hands. And Xbox having the exclusive on it? It might even be the big break they needed! On the other hand? This could bomb as well. If they can’t seem to work out some of the gameplay-wise kinks that trouble the game, which does really suck the fun out of the game. And eventually will lead to player count decline!
While it offers modes to the liking of old and young? They’ll have to bring forth their A-game if they truly want to succeed!
Me, for one, am still looking forward to seeing what the future will bring for CrossfireX, that’s for sure!
And if you still want to experience this for yourself? As of me writing this? The open beta is still open until the 28th of June! So give it a shot… hehe, get it? Give it a shot…? No? Meh… Cracked me up anyway.