Preview: Vargus – The Riven Realms

Preview: Vargus – The Riven Realms

In a realm that has been forsaken by the Gods and is completely taken over by everything that remained, you must go on a journey in order to become a successful leader. You are responsible for your crew while you explore, trade, and fight through the riven realms. Lost Pilgrims Studio released their new game Vargus – The Riven Realms earlier this summer in Early Access and they gave us a chance to embark on a journey to survive in the world they created.

How does it work

In Vargus – The Riven Realms you take control of the leader of a traveling party through the wastelands. During the game, you discover all kinds of content, but in the end, you have to make sure that your crew stays happy. So, you need to visit cities to buy food and trade supplies so there is food for your companions and you can pay their wages. While you are traveling from city to city you have to overcome certain events such as random encounters with monsters etc. Every choice you make affects how your journey continues and if you fail to keep everyone happy and defeat your enemies, it’s game over.

What I’m excited about

One of the lovely things about Vargus is that it is partly voice-acted. Or at least the story is being told. Besides this, there is a lot of reading that needs to be done, and we have to give the developers a big thumbs up because on the Steam page of the game, they warn about this, saying you should take it into account and maybe should play the free prologue first. Graphically, the game looks beautiful. A wide map with lots of different details, the journals that you can open are easy to read and when you proceed into combat they kept it nice and easy so that it’s perfectly clear what needs to be done.

What I think about it:

Personally, I think Vargus – The Riven Realms is a very promising game. Like I’ve already mentioned, the developers advise playing the free prologue first before buying the game, and that is a very good warning. It’s a game that you are really going to love or just simply hate. The game looks really good and once you get the hang of it, it’s very intriguing. I’m looking forward to the full release!