Preview | The Infected

Preview | The Infected

The Infected is an open world sandbox, survival crafting game by DigX Studios. Build your base defend and protect yourself from wildlife and infected Vambies. What? Yes, Vambies! I’m guessing those are a mix of vampires and zombies. The Infected has been in Early Access since the beginning of August and has so far received a lot of positive feedback. The game looks quite impressive if you keep in mind that the game is developed entirely by one person.

Progress so far

So far, this game is really good all ready for a game in Early Access. First of all, the graphics are good. I enjoyed walking around and enjoying nature. I was also very impressed by the statistics because they are very elaborate. The game doesn’t just offer your basic stats like stamina and health. There is also thirst, proteins, carbs, fat,s, vitamins, and energy. This made the gameplay a little more complicated but in a good way! The gameplay itself is very good already. It’s honestly such a great survival crafting game already. The enemies are okay, not too difficult, and not too scary. The crafting is clear and straightforward.

What I liked most about The Infected, is that it’s rather easy to play and the mechanics are very simple, yet people will spend numbers of hours in this game. If you’re a fan of these types of games, this could just become of your new favorite games.

What we still miss

What I missed was an elaborate map. There is a map available but it barely offers any information. It doesn’t even show you where your base camp is. Sometimes I got a bit, mostly in the beginning, and it frustrated me a little, so I’m hoping to see some improvement here in the future. Concerning the statistics, I have a small remark as well. You can’t see your statistics unless you press ‘F’. But I would love to see at least my health and stamina at all times. Now, I often forgot to check my stats in the beginning. I’m also hoping to see an online multiplayer mode someday because I do believe this game could potentially be a lot of fun to play with friends.

So, should you keep an eye on this game?

If survival/crafting games are your kind of thing, then definitely yes! Currently, the game has a price tag of 11 Euros, so I would jump on it if I were you. The Infected already offers hours of fun gameplay, and will only improve in the future. This really wasn’t my kind of game, but I was still impressed by how far along it already is and how much fun the gameplay actually was.