Preview | Tandem: A Tale Of Shadows

Preview | Tandem: A Tale Of Shadows

LifeisXbox’s Tandem: A Tale Of Shadows preview | Hello everyone, today we will be talking about Tandem: A Tale Of Shadows. Tandem is a puzzle platformer developed by Monochrome Paris and published by Hatinh Interactive. One day, when you are in the city trying to solve a mystery disappearance, a carriage passes by and out falls a teddy bear. Suddenly, the teddy bear gets on his feet and starts running after the carriage! Naturally, you follow them, into the creepy big house. In Tandem: A Tale Of Shadows you play as a little girl called Emma and a little living teddy bear called Fenton. Will you solve the disappearance of the famous magician Thomas Kane?

Game of shadows

In Tandem: A Tale Of Shadows, you indeed need to work with shadows. You start as the little girl Emma, but soon enough, you will need the help of the teddy bear Fenton. Fenton can walk over shadows to get to places Emma can not. Emma has light with her to make shadows, or at least she does in the start. Later on, it breaks, and the puzzles get a little harder. So as Emma you need to make shadows for Fenton so he can get to the end of the level. But how do you do that? At the start, it’s just by standing in the right place with your lantern, but as mentioned above, the lantern will break. After that, you get other light sources and need to push buttons or carts to make shadows for your little teddy bear while avoiding enemies along the way. I must say I genuinely enjoyed playing this game, and I was sad when the demo was over.

My thoughts about it

The gameplay is not very challenging at the start, but they are trying to introduce all of the different things in the game. It got harder the further I got, and that made me very happy. The mansion you are exploring looks absolutely beautiful. I love the victorian style they used for it, very fancy. The music reminded me of a music box, but it’s lovely instead of being annoying to listen to. This is the first puzzle platformer I played with these unique multi-dimensional puzzles, and it’s an actual blast to switch to Fenton and walk over shadows you have created yourself as Emma. In the last few levels, there were even spiders, like HUGE ones trying to kill you! That’s a little bit of a yikes for me since I hate spiders but fun nonetheless, haha! I will definitely be keeping an eye on this game!

But what can you expect on release? The game promises 45 puzzles that will fulfill the rookies as well as the experts. That is, in my opinion, a brave promise but I am hyped about it.