Preview | She Dreams Elsewhere

Preview | She Dreams Elsewhere

LifeisXbox’s She Dreams Elsewhere preview | We all have days where we feel like we are stuck inside some dream, but when playing She Dreams Elsewhere, you really don’t know what you are getting into! It’s a whole story-packed RPG full of adventure that will guide you through an exciting dream landscape. This will be where you face inevitable nightmares and perform turn-based combat, but is it all worth your trouble? Did the people over at Studio Zevere make a game worth waiting for? Let’s figure that out, shall we?

What you will get:

I usually am not the person to be given reviews for JRPG’s or Visual novels. Yet, I enjoyed my time strolling around in this exciting dream landscape. And it was interesting because of the colors and idea behind all of it. You get to take a look at the life of Thalia. She is obviously a girl who struggles with anxiety, which does hit close to home. This primarily because of the anxiety that my girlfriend and I both had to overcome in the past. That being said, my love for the game didn’t only come from my connection to Thalia. It went from a well-crafted stage and gameplay, which was full of unique twists. I mean, who doesn’t like to use a dog to save their progress in the game.  

But let’s get back to the actual gameplay. When you play through this intense dream world, you encounter different enemies; which some of which you need to battle alone, and others you can fight with friends by your side. No matter the battle, you are down for a turn-based fight that is easy to learn; but surprisingly hard to master. You can do soo many things in this combat. I can’t wait to see what the complete edition of this lovely game will bring to the table.

Some scenery!

While you play She Dreams Elsewhere, you just really have to admire the depth and cuteness that went in some of these shiny pixel arts that you get to admire on your screen. I must admit, some of them are not the most detailed, but the whole way through, I just couldn’t help but feel nostalgic about the graphics. Partly because they strongly reminded me (together with the music and sound effects) of Undertale, which was a great game and the first of its kind that I actually enjoyed.


She Dreams Elsewhere is a game to check out, and the demo offers a great deal of what the full game will bring for you. And I can’t wait to actually play the whole game through! Since a demo is free, I can only tell you guys to go ahead and download this little demo and try it yourself. If you do, let us know on socials what you thought of it! Because we love hearing back from all of you.