Preview | Revita

Preview | Revita

LifeisXbox’s Revita preview | In my last review, I asked you all if you were ready to put down the weapons and try a game without harming others. But it is time to pick up a gun again and run into the action in Revita, a game developed by BenStar and published by Dear Villagers. I had a blast with this game, and let me tell you why!  

About the game

I loved Revita, and let me tell you why. First of all, I’ll dive a little into the story. You are a little boy without a name that awakens in a station. On a quest to remember everything, you will have to get to the top of the tower, and every level brings you closer to the truth. Then you get greeted by the most amazing music EVER. And when you actually get into the first level, there is even more beautiful music! I found myself humming along or whistling along while playing. And of course, the game looks stunning as well. This is yet another case of it doesn’t have to be realistic graphics to be good. This pixel art is my favorite I’ve ever seen. I adored the look and music of Revita.

When you start Revita, you arrive at a train station. You can call that your home because you always come back there and by collecting coins in levels you can buy stuff there, like trinkets, or even a nice bench or lantern for in the station. Then there is the gameplay. If you played roguelikes before, it would be very similar to others. You start on your first level with nothing but a little gun and a dash. While you progress through the levels, you’ll find some chests or statues that you can offer life at for rewards. These can do anything from giving you another dash to slowing enemy bullets. It’s all to make it easier to progress and, most importantly, to make it more fun.

Boss Fights

This game also has boss fights! And just as in any game like Revita, you’ll need to figure out what they do before rushing in. So you will probably lose a few times (or I’m just a potato.. might be the case) to the first boss, but when you figure out his stages, he will be easy. You’ll find yourself having full HP and taking no damage anymore from him. Then you are ready to continue to the next fase. And I love it this way! I don’t mind dying, and I much rather have that than strolling through a boss fight. And as an added bonus, the boss gives money and loot! So you can get items from him aswell without paying hearts!

After every boss fight, you’ll go back on the train and fight a HUGE friend there. He is called the Blacksmith and he will upgrade your items. However, be warned that this costs life, which is very valuable in this game. And of course, it all depends on what you found that round, so if your items are poopoo, you can make them less poopoo. But if you love them already before upgrading, hallelujah.

Final thoughts

Revita is in Early Access right now, and I would have just bought it if they said this was it; it’s done. It’s stunning in both visuals and music, with very addictive gameplay on top of that. You can play this game with a controller or keyboard. Revita has everything I want from a roguelike game. It’s definitely worth the price!