Preview | Push Your Family

Preview | Push Your Family

LifeisXbox’s Push Your Family preview | Everyone loves a good party game every now and then, so we’ll gladly introduce a brand new one that’s in the making. In Push Your Family, you do exactly that: push your family. It’s a hilarious party game developed by Dutch studio Meteor Mug. It’s currently available as a mini-game on Steam, but will release in Early Access very soon (as in: September 22nd)! Get ready for a bunch of game modes, a ton of laughs, and a lot of pushing your friends in this wonderful new game.

What is Push Your Family?

Push Your Family is a physics-based party game with wacky family members and slapstick humor. In Push Your Family, you can play with up to four players, both locally and online. As a family, you visit some hazardous road trip attractions, and of course, family disagreements emerge. The only way to resolve things is to… well, push your family.

The gameplay so far

This game doesn’t really require a tutorial. It’s a tad confusing at first, but you’ll probably figure it out in no time. Basically, you just jump around and push your fellow family members. Easy peasy, oh so breezy! The controls are limited so you’ll get the hang of them right away as well. Right now, we could only enjoy the Versus Modes but the Campaign Mode (Roadtrip) was already indicated on the ‘map’ so we can definitely expect more game modes in the future. The Versus Modes include a few maps available for you to play. You choose how many wins are required and what battle level you want to play. The levels themselves aren’t explained: you just get pictures like bees, penguins, or a tiger. This makes total sense since the goal of each level is the exact same: push your family member to where they don’t belong, for example, into the water. Win the set amount of rounds, and you win the level. The game also has a bonus mode called the Quarantine, in which you have to make your way to the Disinfector 9000 and get cleared by a camera at the front door in order to escape the house.


Of course, Push Your Family isn’t completely optimized yet, which makes total sense since it’s not even in Early Access yet as of right now.

From what we gathered so far, the game is still absolutely filled with bugs. First of all, I could not deselect a character after clicking a certain person, so once I had chosen a player, I couldn’t change my mind, even though there was a deselection option shown on screen. Second, my boyfriend’s character fell off of the map and just disappeared somehow, and then another time we were in two different screens and I have no clue how the fuck that happened. The quarantine mode didn’t work accordingly so didn’t really get to enjoy this bonus mode yet. Inside other levels, objects often glitched which distracted from the fun a little.

The other levels were pretty fun, but I played this with one other person and it got a little repetitive real soon. I think to fully enjoy Push Your Family, the maximum amount of players (4) is really recommended.

Get on that Early Access

Push Your Family is releasing into Early Access on Steam this Wednesday, and I suggest you go check it out. There is still a lot that needs to be done and fixed, but I do believe Push Your Family could potentially be fun party game to play with friends. Further expansions with unique game modes are definitely a must to prevent the gameplay from getting repetitive, but the developers are on that already, so I can see a bright future for Push Your Family!