Preview | Nova Genetics

Preview | Nova Genetics

LifeisXbox’s Nova Genetics preview | Behold! My personal first entry in the genre of survival/zombie games. And I will do all of you the favor of telling you exactly how I felt during my game time playing Nova Genetics, which is this chilling and challenging game made by the people over at Reside. And I must say, I haven’t felt shivers like this before. This is weird, considering this is just a game, but I honestly felt a chill on my back. That being said, let me tell you all about that.

What do you do in nova genetics?

Well, Nova Genetics is a third-person survival game that got me questioning what I should do. My natural instinct was to run up to a tree and try to punch it. Well, no results here. So I decided to look for clues on what to do. And in the top left, I got notified that I should find chests to survive. So I did precisely that. Found some stuff in the crates and tried to figure out what to do. It wasn’t until I saw in the corner that I have to push the tab button to open the quest menu. Again, no biggie. Some quests later, I found myself frustrated at my key binds, though. Can’t I close a menu with ESC? And there is no key to take all items in one move. But I wouldn’t let all of this hold me back. I would go on and live for the night!

So I did do exactly that, got myself an excellent knife, an axe, and went on my merry way! Until the night came. Oh boy, the night is dark and full of terrors. Like truly! Yes, you have a flashlight to look around. Still, the field of view is so narrow that I literally had an ENORMOUS shiver running from my hands and over my arms. It even continued over my back when I encountered a zombie. Man, that was something I never felt before. Especially not in a video game. And I have experienced a lot of things before. So after an intense, dark battle with this zombie, I lived through my nights.

Can’t you just chill at night?

Yes, you could just live during the day and stay in your home during the night, since you can barely see anything. But then you see the boring AI come right at you. And trust me, a shank party with a zombie during daylight doesn’t feel attractive. When you do it at night, though, and you have to run, hit that zombie, all while you can barely see the thing, it sure does get your heart pumping. So yeah, there is something for everyone. If you like slender man gameplay, you should give the life outside a shot while it’s pitch dark. But I can get the vibe you want to explore during the day since all of the graphics are this amazing. Just look at these screenshots! I even hooked up my ultrawide monitor just to see what it would do with the scenery! And I must say, I love it when developers take their time to make a game scale great for both 16:9 players and 21:9. Having a UI that adapts and not just a stretch with a crop is a welcome change.

So is there a future? And should we be hyped for it?

Nova genetics isn’t finished, and I sure hope that the empty maps be filled a bit more and that combat feels a bit more interactive sometimes. Also, many interactive keyboard behaviour would be appreciated by many, but it isn’t bad if you get used to it. But the core gameplay is there, and it sure does look insanely promising. It’s worth a shot for all of you to go and try out, and it sure does look stunning to the eye!