Preview | Medic Pacific War

Preview | Medic Pacific War

LifeisXbox’s Medic Pacific War preview | Are you truly a support in every game? Do you love helping people? Then this game might be something for you! Medic Pacific War is developed by Hypnotics Ants and published by Games Operators, PlayWay S.A. And yes, you are indeed a medic in a war. You have to patch people up and try to save as many as you can. Are you ready to be the deciding factor between life and death?

Tutorial on how to treat a wound.

What do you actually do in the game?

As mentioned above, you are a medic and have to save as many people as you can. But how? Medic Pacific War will start with a little tutorial (thankfully) explaining everything! Of course, I am going to explain it here as well. People that need help will shout for a medic. You can find them by looking at your compass, which is on the top of the screen. When you get to a wounded ally, you can either start by picking him up (mostly done to get him out of a danger zone), or you can inspect him, looking at his wounds. All the wounds were the same in the little part I got to play. Kind of a shame but does mean I can explain it very well, haha. They all had a leg wound, and when you hover over that wound, you can see how badly it is bleeding from one to five. Depending on how bad the bleeding is, you can choose to leave it and get them to a hospital. However, if you carry them on your back, the bleeding will get significantly worse. It is the quickest way, but if it’s too risky, you can drag them to the hospital as well, which makes the bleeding a tiny bit worse than if they were laying there without you touching them. If the bleeding is too bad for you to get them to a hospital right away, you can look in your inventory and see what supplies you have with you. Most of the time, you will have bandages and gauze to help with the bleeding. You will have to click on a timer to put on bandages or anything else. If the bleeding is four or five out of five, you can use a tourniquet to stop the bleeding as much as you can.

Dragging a soldier to safety.

But how was my experience?

I had very high hopes for this game, not because I saw screenshots or anything, but because I am a true support for life. I play support in every game because it gives me joy to help people, in-game and out. Unfortunately, I was met with the game murdering my ears. So I put all the sound sliders on 10/100. After doing that, I still had trouble with the sound, so I went to my PC and toggled the game’s sound down even more to 30. I thought it would be ok after that, but I noticed that their volume varied a lot when talking to my quest givers. They would start of normal and get quieter and quieter.

So I learned how to run and crouch, all the basics, and I needed to help my first wounded soldier! Hella excited, I try and inspect the dude, which teleports me to the other side of him. A little confused, I treat the wounded soldier and try and pick him up to get him to a hospital, with an emphasis on TRY. My character walked around the soldier for about 3 minutes trying to pick him up, with me unable to cancel this action. This really saddened me, but I still had hope. After finally delivering him to a hospital, we got to a point where you have to do EVERYTHING right, or you will fail. You need to save three soldiers while first getting them out of a danger zone. After you need to bring a box of supplies to a hospital across the map, and lastly, you will need to save a soldier from a collapsing roof. I failed this multiple times while cursing at this game. I really did not enjoy this part at all. A lot of this game is time-based, but picking a soldier up or dragging them, just the animation, takes SO LONG. It frustrated me beyond belief.

You can heal yourself IF YOU HAVE STUFF 🙁

So is it a game that you should wishlist?

Medic Pacific War has a lot of potential, it looks good, and the idea is great. But some little things can make for big annoyances. However, if they fix the things I mentioned, I think this will be a great game. So please keep your eyes out on the patch notes, or wait for us to review the full game!