Preview | Love Shore

Preview | Love Shore

LifeisXbox’s Love Shore preview | Okay, so to start you all off, this will be my first entry in the “choices matter” genre. So bare with me here! I played Love Shore on Steam to get to know the genre and was actually quite surprised by it! The people over at Perfect Garbage (yes, great name, I know) did a great job creating a visually stunning story that will stick with you for a while. But let me tell you all about this Love based Cyberpunk story right below!

Visually Stunning:

What if someone a few years ago had asked me what a visual novel / Noir would have to be successful? I would have described something amongst the lines of what you experience in Love Shore. The experience and graphics are just right up there. They aren’t the cyberpunk 2077 graphics, but they are up there. All the art seems to be custom done, and I truly felt (even in the demo) that my choices mattered a little bit. Of course, this does not speak for the whole story, but if the steam page is correct, you get to experience a grand total of 25+ possible game endings!

When you pick your character, you will have to decide their most essential choices. A great example of this would have to be: who do I call after finding a dead body? In my fair and humble opinion, this shows who you think you can trust; and how do I behave to people who ask annoying questions? It truly tells something about the ability of the developers to imagine how a person would react to all sorts of answers.

Something for everyone:

One last thing that I found rather interesting and worthwhile to mention; is that the developers are trying to make this game something for everybody. With that, I mean there is a hands-free button (obviously in the workings) that allows for an experience where you don’t even have to push a button to advance the text. It will continue scrolling forward until you have to make a choice. I find the idea behind this absolutely amazing, but it needs some finetuning. You literally can’t follow the speed at which the text is being prompted, and turning down the speed timer does not change this.


If you just want to experience your first Noir game and feel like you want a great but short experience, then the Love shore demo is the game for you. It is free and will get you longing for the entire game to come out. If you decide to give Love Shore a shot, let us know on socials what you thought about the experience!