Preview: Kill It With Fire: Ignition

Preview: Kill It With Fire: Ignition

There are a ton of people who strongly dislike (read: hate) spiders. If you’re one of them, this might just be your next favorite game or your worst nightmare, it depends. Developer Casey Donnellan Games LLC is bringing us a new game called Kill It With Fire this summer. ‘It’ referring to spiders, in case you didn’t catch on yet. This seems like an interesting concept for a game, and when stumbling upon this title, I HAD to test it. Luckily, there is a free demo available now, including the first two chapters/missions. Below, I’ll be giving my first impressions on this soon to be released (by tinyBuild) game.

About the game

Kill It With Fire will release this summer, but the developers have granted the community a sampler already! This sampler has the title Kill It With Fire: Ignition and involves the first two chapters/missions of the full game. Of course, a weakness of spiders is fire. And other things like bullets and explosions. You see, this game isn’t only about destroying those little bastards with fire. You can also throw ninja stars, use explosives, or take up a riffle. It all depends on what weapons you find. The spiders will be hiding, meaning you’ll have to find them before you can attack them. You can use a spider detector, or you can, like I did, smash and torch everything until you find them. And by everything, I mean everything. You can pick up, inspect, and throw around pretty much everything you find in a house.

The gameplay

I got excited about this game immediately. The trailer I watched, seemed very promising and the reviews so far are also quite positive. The demo promises about half an hour of gameplay, and that’s about right. I spend around 30 minutes hunting and killing spiders with various weapons. The very first weapon you get is a simple board (as you can see in the picture above), which also shows you your objectives for the mission. It’s important to know that you don’t HAVE to complete all objectives in order to be able to finish a mission. Your main objective remains killing spiders and opening the exit door. In order to open various doors to other rooms or drawers (like the bathroom, study, bedroom,…), you’ll have to kill spiders. For example, opening the bedroom drawer costs 10 dead spiders. When opening new rooms, you’ll discover new spiders and maybe even new weapons. The extra objectives, shown on the board, are quite fun honestly. I like how they’re not mandatory and you can just finish the mission while neglecting them. However, since they are currently only two levels, you’ll probably find yourself wanting to try again and finish the game and the objectives since it adds a lot more challenge.

The weapons and spiders

You can hold several weapons, starting out with the board. I LOVED the weapons I encountered in this short gameplay and cannot wait to see what other weapons the developers have in store for the full game! In this half-hour, I found some sort of rifle (note: the bullets run out so chose your shots carefully and don’t just shoot around as I did), and deodorant with a lighter. That second one was a lot of fun, I ended up setting the whole bathroom on fire. I also found some sort of snack, which attracted the spiders, making it easier to kill them. There seemed to be two types of spiders wandering around the house: black and red ones. The black ones are a complete pain in the ass. They are slow at first, but once you hit them with your board, they seemed to have gained master powers and speed through the house. A second hit will eliminate them, luckily. The red ones were fairly easy to kill with one hit. The green splashes you see on the screenshots are spider venom, I’m guessing. They mark where I hit the sons of bitches. By the way, when a spider is moving, you can hear a creepy noise (or as the devs call it ‘creepy crawlies’). Be warned, you might scream a few times.

In conclusion

Man, did I enjoy this game! I love that you don’t have to complete the objectives if you don’t want you, it’s entirely your own choice. The trashing of the whole house was quite fun as well. And of course, the various weapons were a blast too! I very much enjoyed the deodorant combined with the lighter. This is a very simple game, but it offers so much joy! I am very much looking forward to the full release of Kill It With Fire. If this preview peaked your interests, check it out on Steam, the demo is free to play!