Preview | Kainga

Preview | Kainga

LifeisXbox’s Kainga preview | An ancient fantasy village builder, that is how Erik Rempen describes his new game Kainga. In this Early Access title, you will have to adapt to the constantly changing environment, dangerous beasts, and neighboring tribes. Kainga is developed as a solo project and with the help of Kickstarter, the estimated released date is somewhere in Q3 of 2022. For now, you can enjoy a small part of the game already through the Early Access option on Steam. Do you like small fast-paced gameplay and developing your own village? I played the first bit of Kainga for you guys. So sit back and find out what I thought of it.

What do you do in Kainga

In this game called Kainga you have to build your own village in a fantasy world filled with surprises. While building your town, you have to adapt to some heavy changes that can occur, like the weather changing suddenly and damaging your town, massive beasts crossing your path and attacking your villagers, or neighboring tribes declaring war and attacking out of nowhere. Only those who are smart enough to deal with all these changes can succeed in building a successful village.

The game centers around the Thinker, which is your most important character. He can research new buildings in his research tree, but if other tribes attack you and kill this important character, it’s game over. In order to discover new technologies, the Thinker uses energy. But it’s important to remain careful here. Once you’re out you, can’t develop any further. Unless you host a festival for your people and gain more energy, and luckily for you, you don’t need a Covid certificate for this festival.

As I already mentioned, in Kainga everything is constantly changing and by constructing certain buildings you can gain Karma points. You can then use these to unlock and build new buildings in your campaigns. These buildings help you to gather resources even easier and so you have more chances to complete your session.

State of the game

As mentioned in the intro, Kainga is currently available in Early Access on Steam. Due to this, not every part of the game is playable yet but what we do have looks very promising. As you can see in the pictures in this article, Kainga is exactly what the developer promises, which is that this game takes place in a fantasy world. The environment changes on every map providing a lovely and non-repetitive experience. Also, the creatures and the buildings that you encounter are something special because of their unique looks. But that isn’t the only thing. During the game, you will hear some typical tribe music play in the background, which really gets you in the right mood for the game. This experience is further boosted with some lovely sound effects like when you are building something or engaging in combat.


If you are looking for a fun and challenging game, make sure you give Kainga a chance. The parts of the game that are already available to play are looking really promising. Kainga looks graphically good and this is further boosted with some lovely sound effects. Sometimes while playing I found it hard to believe that this game is only created by one person, so Erik Rempen definitely did a good job and I’m looking forward to next year when the game leaves Early Access and releases as a full game!