Preview: Hell Architect

Preview: Hell Architect

Oh, why hello there! Do you remember this long-forgotten genre called “Colony Simulator”? That subgenre of the golden City Builder? I thought so. Well, I’m pleased to tell you that you can play a little preview of the newest colony Sim that is coming out soon! It’s made by the lovely folks at Woodland Games and was named Hell Architect! But why, though? Could it be like you would have to develop your own hell? Exactly! But let me tell you all about that right now!

How I spent my time

As the name would suggest, you are the master of your very own mini hell! You get to command and torture sinners! And oh boy, did I feel some sadistic joy in doing so. I mean, it’s not like there are many games around where you can command lovely NPC’s to just go and suffer in an iron maiden and be rewarded for doing so. That being said, I had a cozy hell. I made some separate area to house all my torture equipment, had a kitchen going for my sinners, and was all ready to receive even more sinners! Then I progressed far enough into the demo to be told it’s time to say goodbye. There went my progress and my dreams of becoming the “Lucifer.” A blast of an experience, I must say, and something you should give a shot yourself! And I am really looking forward to the moment in which I can become the Lucifer I always wanted to be.

Points we hope to see fixed

Normally, we don’t go too wide about this, but I feel some issues need to be addressed before the full release. There needs to be a camera tutorial. I found myself feeling restricted until I realized I had to use my scroll’s click function to move the camera. Also, I found myself sitting and doing nothing (while waiting for things to complete) really early in the game (25 minutes in). This could be the case later, or I hope there will be some way to fast forward later in the game/ full release. For the rest, I didn’t experience any bugs, so that is a great sign!


Given the game is in a demo state and not finished, I can’t help but be optimistic. This indie developer really knows what they are doing, and I’m hopeful for Hell Architect’s future! Once the full game comes out, and we get the chance to play it, we sure would! Hence, the demo is free. I can only tell you: go and give it a shot yourself on Steam! Let us know on Twitter what you thought about the game! The game plays great, and it’s a solid hour invested, and will get you hyped up for the full release!