Preview: Gym Tycoon

Preview: Gym Tycoon

Hey everyone, welcome to another preview! Today we will be looking into a game called Gym Tycoon, developed and published by Green Forest Games. Gym Tycoon is what you would expect from a game with such a name: you build your gym and try to make it as big and successful as possible! You might be wondering: “A gym, isn’t that kind of boring compared to, for example, rollercoasters?” And to that I say: I thought so too, but I was happily surprised by this game! Want to know more? Please continue reading down below.

So, what’s it like, owning a gym?

I can tell you it’s so much fun! You start with a little gym with three people applying to come to do a workout. Of course, you accept those, and that is the beginning of a fantastic time! There is a tab where you can see what the customers are thinking or what they wanted to do but could not. For example, it will say ‘three people wanted to visit the toilet, but your gym does not have one’. This is such an excellent tool to know what you should be doing next. Soon you will have around ten people, and then it’s time to make your gym bigger. The building mechanism in this game is easy to use. Yes, sometimes you might miss-click the wall placement, but you can demolish the wall and get 100% of your money back. All of this made me enjoy the game a lot, and I was sad I couldn’t continue to play the whole game yet.

The costumers

Every customer of your gym has different needs; some want upper body workouts, others look for different things. Sadly, there aren’t a lot of things in the game yet. Right now, there are like four different exercises. Luckily, I could still keep my people happy. You can click on the customers to see if they are pleased with your pricing and their activities, and if they get sad, they will quit.

Your customers will also gain XP for every workout they do, and after a while, they will level up. By leveling up, they will accept a higher price for entering, but they will also expect more from your gym. I find this an excellent system to keep going forward. And you can click on the person that just leveled to see what they want extra! Easy peasy!

Early Access

This game is in Early Access, I get that, but it’s such an incredibly short game! This game works in stars, like a restaurant. You start at 0, and for right now, your adventure ends at two stars. I was having so much fun that it was a real bummer for me it had to end there already. I guess that’s a good and a bad thing!

Green Forest Games is really into the idea of making a game together with you. They are eagerly looking for feedback to change the game into what we all like. They promised more exercises and a lot of new stuff like having a bar (!!!) and wellness in your gym! This sounds amazing to me, and I honestly can’t wait for the full game.

In conclusion

I thought playing a simulation game for a gym would be boring. Boy, was I wrong! I had so much fun with this, and it has so much potential when you can get to the five stars! It’s a shame it is such a short game, but they promise so many more exciting things that I am hyped for the full release, and I already asked if I can do the review! See you guys there!