Preview | Game Director Story

Preview | Game Director Story

LifeisXbox’s Game Director Story preview | Have you ever wondered what struggles game developers have to overcome when they are making a new game? Luckily for us, Double Blit Games Inc. brought you the experience in the form of their new game Game Director Story. In their game, you will have to make decisions so that your studio keeps producing the next new video game without going bankrupt or getting kicked by the publisher. A demo was made available during LudoNarraCon so I gave it a try!

What does the demo show?

At this point, Game Director Story itself is still in the developing phase, but the demo looks promising. The game lets you play a so-called event, where you will have to make a showcase video for the upcoming E3. During the game you will have the lead over a team that’s currently developing a new game, so that might sound easy right? Well, it’s not. You will have to make decisions to keep everyone happy and onboard. There are 5 important pillars that you will need to stabilize because if one gets too low it’s game over and you will have to start over again.

The pillars that you will have to manage are team happiness, where you will need to make sure that everyone works together properly. Second, you have the publisher: you need to make sure that you honor some of their wishes else they will just sack you. Third, there is the game itself where you can choose to take the focus off of the development and put every minute into creating the trailer but then your game will simply fail. Budget kind of speaks for itself: you can’t go bankrupt or it’s game over, and finally, you have to make sure that your PR level stays on point.

How does it look

The game looks very promising, the graphics are really enjoyable, and also the characters that you encounter are nicely designed. The only thing I found strange is that everyone in the office is a unique animal and then for other characters they use the sloth a lot, maybe even a bit too much if you ask me. The sound that’s playing in the background is a calming beat that provides a nice and relaxed feeling and puts together everything nicely.

Did I like it?

Yes! Game Director Story is a fun management game that looks promising. Currently, the game’s planned release date is 2021 but if you are interested, there is a free demo available that takes 60 to 90 minutes to complete. I can’t wait to see how the full game turns out but for now kudos to the developers!