Preview | FixFox

Preview | FixFox

LifeisXbox’s FixFox preview | Tool use, it’s a part of what has allowed us to become the dominant species on Earth. From the time we used blunt stones to bash our prey to death, to sharp stones to make cuts, all the way to spaceflight, advanced medical imaging machines and ballpoint pens. We’ve sure come a long way, so, how long would we last if conventional tools weren’t available any more all of the sudden. Do we turn screws with spatulas or remove dust with toothbrushes? Luckily for us, Rendlike studio has us covered with FixFox.

ℹ️ Previewed on PC | Preview code provided by PR/publisher, this preview is the personal opinion from the writer and is based on an unfinished game.

Fixing Fox

As you might have guessed, FixFox is all about repairing stuff with whatever you have at your disposal. While on a mission to repair a beacon in a far corner of space your tools have been taken from you, leaving you in quite the pickle. But that won’t stop Vix (that’s you) from going for it regardless. Especially since Vix can’t leave the planet, might just make the best of it while you’re there. For the bulk of your time, you’ll be doing one of two things: scavenging for makeshift tools and doing actual repairs. The basic tool resources can be found scattered across the various locales hidden in crags and holes. if you want higher tier tools you’ll have to perform some repairs and pick a reward of your choice. I’ve found this to be a tad annoying as you always need that brush or honey-dipped part which is not a reward type in your area. This often sees you trekking all the way back to your ship to move between areas. That can make certain tasks very time-consuming. A mechanic I was more fond of is that FixFox tries to stop you from hoarding. Since every couple of repairs, the “Order” will swing by in their giant ship and take some of your tools. Yet at the same time, the “Pirates” will try to stop you from emptying too many of their tool stashes that you keep looting. There are items however that will catch their eye first when they come for you. I found myself constantly having a surplus of these, so that’s something that could be finetuned.

Feelgood vibes

Visually, FixFox has a vibrant happy pixel art style. You view the world from a top-down angle, which can zoom out quite a bit when you’re travelling between settlements. No matter how far it goes, I never found myself guessing at what something was. The repair sections and meals were also nicely made. Yes, that’s right, meals. Everyone in FixFox is exceptionally nice, even those who don’t agree with who Vix is or does. In that friendliness, NPCs will always share a secret with you over a meal. Most of the time, these are hints to solve environmental puzzles. Sound wise, I found FixFox to be quite chipper and upbeat in terms of music. Lots of it is instrumental, setting the tone of the relaxed outdoor spaces you’ll visit, or the more active or forgotten places you’ll visit. Another thing I found exceptional about FixFox is how it wants to make you feel at ease playing it. With options to set your pronouns for he/she/they and left or right-handed cursors. And it’s not like you’re locked in either, as you’re free to change it up anytime. This is also a theme that features multiple times in the story, as well as other such themes.

In short

Fixfox shows a strong first look and I can’t wait to see how they’ll further improve upon what is already there. Especially since it already feels like quite a complete experience. I’ll be sure to crack on for now and let you know when my full review becomes available. is the largest Belgian Xbox-centered website, your reading time is greatly appreciated! Please consider sharing this preview with your friends on social media, that means a lot for us! If you are Dutch-speaking also consider joining our Dutch exclusive Facebook group Xbox Gamers Belgium. Feel free to use quotes for PR purposes.

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