Preview | Festival Tycoon

Preview | Festival Tycoon

LifeisXbox’s Festival Tycoon preview | Music festivals, who doesn’t love them right? Especially with the ongoing Covid crisis, I’m sure a lot of you will miss them. Well, I’ve got good news for you! Johannes Gäbler developed a game for us where you can build your own music festival called Festival Tycoon. The game has been released in Early Acces on Steam on September 27th and will stay in EA for approximately 6 months. Johannes Gäbler started to develop this game by himself, but quickly found some members to join him on this project. So let’s dive in the world of music festivals and let’s see what’s up!

What is Festival Tycoon about

The name already explains it but in Festival Tycoon you are in charge of building your own music festival. And you literally have to think about everything if you want to build the best one out there. From building the stages to creating a campsite and some activities so the visitors won’t get bored to the search for sponsors and booking the right bands. You need to be a managing superhero to satisfy everyone.

Where at first this all might sound fairly simple, it takes a lot to make everyone happy. Sponsors have demands which can be that you have a certain building on your terrain or that you give them some VIP tickets. Bands also bring their raiders and some special requests because a metal band probably doesn’t want to play at an EDM festival, or they might want a special trailer to ultimately prepare for their gig.

Festival Tycoon works with two stages. The first is the Building Stage. Here you get to design your festival, book your bands, search for some sponsors and build some fun activities for the visitors. As soon as you are happy with how everything looks and is prepared you can head to the Festival Stage. Here you manage your festival when it’s happening. You can do a lot here as well from telling your clean-up crew where to wipe up some dirt to welcoming the bands that are arriving to play at your own stage.

State of the game

Festival Tycoon goes to new highs when it comes to developing and creating your festival, which adds new and fun challenges. The game manages to keep you wanting to play, that’s for sure. Luckily for us, the game is still in Early Access which means it is still developing and only can become better than it already is. For now, the game gives us a taste of the career mode but is focussing heavily on the base of the festivals such as the layout, line-up, and visitors. But as I already mentioned, the areas that you can play look really promising and since there gradually new content is being added the game is getting better and better.

Graphically the game has a simplistic cartoony look but they made it work perfectly. This is completed with some lovely sounds-effects. First of all, you have the lovely nature sounds in building mode since there aren’t any bands playing but as soon as you head into festival mode and you will hear some lovely tunes and witness a happy crowd.


Festival Tycoon is a fantastic upcoming game. It looks awesome, the gameplay is very fun and the challenges that you have to deal with in this game are making everything even more fun. The fact that this game is still in Early Access and gets new content added very frequently makes Festival Tycoon a must-have for gamers who love to play Tycoon games. The game comes out in approximately 5 months from now. And I can’t wait to see how the game will be when it is fully out there.