Preview: Endzone – A World Apart

Preview: Endzone – A World Apart

There are a lot of apocalyptic survival games out there already, but Gentlymad Studios decided that it was finally their turn to create a game with this theme called Endzone – A world apart. During the game, you will have to survive by gathering and producing resources, overcoming the high radiation levels that came forth from a global nuclear disaster, and just other natural phenomena that are purely there to give you a hard time. So let’s crawl out of our nuclear shelter and let’s see how the game is so far.

How to survive?

I already mentioned it a bit in the intro but while playing Endzone – A world apart it’s your goal to survive after a global nuclear disaster happened. You start with a group of other survivors and it’s your goal to build a city where everyone can live happily while you’re constantly battling with the changing weather.

Straight from the start one thing is very clear, and that is that the developers really put some effort into the game. For example, in order to survive, you need water. So of course you need to build a building where this is collected. Then you need a building where the water is stored. But it doesn’t just stop there because there is radiation in the water. To filter this you need another building, and so on. Everything is connected and fits together and I think this is actually really good implemented by the devs!

How far along is the game?

At this moment the game feels like a finished game already but it’s actually not. The developers have mentioned that they think the game will be in Early Access for 12 months, but if they have more ideas or things that can be improved, they’d rather take their time to make it better than to just simply release it. When you start the game, there is a road map popping up where you can see what they are planning to do each month and what’s already been done. I really like this since they are clearly letting you know how far they are with the game.

When you look at graphics and sounds, the game is fantastic, in my opinion. Everything looks nice and really provides a vibe that you are in an apocalyptic world, and then there is the sound to really finish things off.

At the time of writing, there is a very detailed tutorial which explains everything you need to know, but when I look at the roadmap I see that they are planning on changing it, so I don’t know how it’s going to be in the future but for now, it’s already really, really good.

How can you play it?

Currently, there are 3 ways to play the game. Number one is the tutorial which literally teaches you everything you need to know, and it doesn’t even feel like your standard tutorial. Of course, there are goals that need to be accomplished but personally, I got the feeling that I already was playing the normal game and that it was just some very detailed pointers to help you out a bit. Secondly, there is the Survival mode where you can change alter the settings on the map to your personal needs. After you start, it’s basically the same as the tutorial but then without the help. And finally, there are the scenarios. Currently, there are 8 of them and you need to achieve 3 different goals in order to get all the medals and complete them, so they are a little bit more challenging.

In the end

Personally, I think Endzone – A world apart is a very good game and I’m really excited to see how it’s going to be when it’s fully released. The developers are clearly on the right track to provide a good title. There is really good interaction with the community, and they keep you up-to-date with how far the game is coming along. If you love survival/city builders games be sure to check this one out and you won’t be disappointed!