Preview | Cyjin: The Cyborg Ninja

Preview | Cyjin: The Cyborg Ninja

LifeisXbox’s Cyjin: The Cyborg Ninja preview | So, you want to feel like a ninja and have the time of your life? Then you have come to the right preview! Today, I will happily tell you about this lovely game called Cyjin: The Cyborg Ninja, made by the people over at Aiya Games. It is a game that had me playing tactical moves in my head while also dashing around like a madman. But how did they accomplish this? Well, I will tell you all about that right now!

So first a little about Cyjin!

Cyjin is what we call a truly unique game. At least it is in my play experience. And so do the people over at Aiya Games call it. It is a game where you can put away your keyboard and enjoy the gameplay. You have to use your mouse to dash around multiple levels (luckily with checkpoints) while you try to kill mobs, jump over objective triggers, open doors, … 

The further you progress, the more you will learn. For example, you will have to angle your gameplay to kill multiple enemies with one dash. You will learn to shoot shurikens. And heck, you will even be able to shield and destroy shielded enemies! All while you straight up move forward at a truly incredible pace.

It’s one of those games where I will tell you that my writing won’t even do it justice. And yes, that might sound like I am overhyping the game, but if you haven’t experienced it first hand, it is hard to believe that a simple game like this could be fantastic.

So what makes it this great?

For starters, the controls make it feel refreshing. Unfortunately, as I mentioned above, you only use your mouse. Usually, when this is the case, the game tends to be rather bland and lacks content and excitement. But this isn’t the case here. It helps your immersion. Because you only have to aim and click, all of your focus is directed towards the game’s speed. It does not mean that the game becomes easy this way. Oh no! It becomes harder. Since you only have a few things to focus on, the game will ramp up insanely quickly. And so do all the other elements. For some unknown reason, there seems to be a link between the difficulty and satisfaction here. Because if you understand a level, you will move at a pace that feels ninja. And it was a true delight for me.

So what about the future?

When we look at what Cyjin can bring to the table for beginners and veterans alike, there is quite a lot to be optimistic about! The game is challenging, tough, but that is part of what makes it insanely rewarding!

Every time I made a checkpoint, and I felt the music getting to my nerves, I felt a rush of relief that I did not feel before. And considering that Cyjin is up on Kickstarter right now to acquire more funds for the final release, you can directly support the release of this game!

And there sure is a lot to be hyped about. The best you can do here is check out a lovely gameplay clip and see what the hype is all about! Or you believe my rightful gut feeling suggests that this game will be an absolute hit when it releases!