Preview | Crazy Wheels

Preview | Crazy Wheels

LifeisXbox’s Crazy Wheels preview | Do you have a thing for fast-paced arcade racing games? Well, then Kymera Games has a treat for you with their new game Crazy Wheels. The developer created Crazy Wheels with his love for arcade racing games in his mind, which now resulted in a game has come to Early Access on Steam at the beginning of March. Crazy Wheels isn’t completely ready at this stage but let’s have a look at what it offers so far.


I’ve already mentioned it in the intro, but Crazy Wheels isn’t completely finished yet. However, Crazy Wheels already has some promising features and game modes that are making it worth your while. First of all, you can pick the option to play locally or online. The online modus that is live already, but there aren’t many people playing so I was unable to test if this was working properly. Luckily, the local games, I was able to test. There are currently 5 different game modes in local play; Championship (the only one of the 5 that isn’t live yet), Arcade, Stalk the Ball, Stay Visible, and Time Trial. When you are playing the Arcade mode it is just a custom race where you can set the difficulty and the number of opponents and of course, can freely choose on what map you want to race. The Stalk the Ball and Stay Visible options are pretty much the same and almost self-describing, the player that doesn’t complete the task gets eliminated until only one survives, and Time Trial is just to set the fastest time.

Now for playing solo, all these modes work just fine, but when you try to play them with friends in local mode, only the player 1 car will appear and the others won’t show. This is a major bug that, in my opinion, needs to be fixed as soon as possible since the most fun you will have with this game is probably when you are playing locally with your friends. Luckily for the game, the multiplayer bug that I just described is the only big bug that I encountered while playing Crazy Wheels.

Other special features that are worth mentioning: Crazy Wheels also offers a level editor where you are able to design your own race track, which of course is really nice. Another feature that I really like is that you can collect power-ups which you can use to give your opponent a disadvantage.

Cars / maps

Currently, Crazy Wheels offers a selection of 7 different cars ranging from a monster truck to a Formula 1 car design-wise. Yet, there is no ‘one best car’ as they all perform the same way. When we take a look at the different maps that are out there, Crazy Wheels looks promising. Currently there are 8 tracks to race on, ranging from a messy bedroom to a track that takes place at the beach. The developer really thought about these different tracks since each of them offers a different challenge to overcome.

Final thoughts

Crazy Wheels is a promising game. There are a lot of nice features but unfortunately, also a few ones that aren’t fully developed yet. With a price of € 12,49 I personally think it is way overpriced for what the game offers you now, but in the future when it’s finished it should be worth its money.