Preview: BROK the investiGator

Preview: BROK the investiGator

Hello everyone, I wish you all a wonderful and healthy holidays. I know it can be lonely and boring in these corona times, but I have a fix for the boring part! How about some detective work, hm? BROK the InvestiGator is developed and published by COWCAT, and it is (as you can tell by the little pun in the title) about an alligator or crocodile named Brok. Are you ready to be a private investigator with him? Let me tell you about the game 😊

About the game

You wake up and get your first client, which is the only one in this prologue. It’s a cop that lost his gun, he gives you a small amount of information, and you are on your way! It’s up to you to gain more info from clues around the world or by talking to people. The game can be played in different directions, as you can see in my screenshot. There is an aggressive option and another option most of the time. I find this exciting, having options, but for me, the simplest choice was to punch stuff. I couldn’t figure out how to get the friendly alternative, so you’ll see I took the aggressive way. However, is it a bad thing that it isn’t obvious how to take both parts? It would be suitable for a replay!

After the other game I reviewed (Rune II), I was hyped by the voice acting in this game. It’s so well done with passion and good acting. BROK is a really low voice, what I somehow expected from a big, little chubby (sorry, Brok) crocodile. All of the characters I spoke to had me smiling about the voices. I was enjoying listening to the story told by all of them.

The controls are a bit weird, in my opinion, but you’ll get used to it in a bit. You have adventure mode and aggressive mode. In adventure mode, you can’t fall, so use that when on high ground. You will be clicking the clues in this mode. Then there is the aggressive mode in which you fight. If you are in this mode, you only have to click enemies, and you will punch them. Then there is a hard punch and a special ability. The special I only used two times, I believe, looks kind of anime as well, haha. As mentioned above, I had to get used to the controls, but after a few fights, I got it and was happy with them.

If you are not interested in fighting, there is an option, when you put the game on easy, to skip fights and only go for the story and detective work.


Now you can only get a prologue of the game with the one case you work and solve. BUT it is FREE! So, if the text above made you interested in any way, why not try it? It is 2 to 4  hours of free fun! Usually, I would put the release date here, but the only thing I can find is 2021. But if we get a review of this game ill make sure to keep you guys up to date!

In conclusion

This game is brilliant for what it wants to do. The story is fantastic, and the voice acting freaking brilliant! I only have good things to say about this game! I would absolutely advise you to try the FREE prologue on steam!