Preview: Ars Fabulae

Preview: Ars Fabulae

People tend to really enjoy a good story, right? Or they go ahead and watch a movie? Or are you more the type of person who enjoys puzzle games? Maybe you are all of these at the same time? If so, then this will be a game you might actually can’t get enough of! Punk Notion now has decided it is time to allow us to experience a brand-new title called Ars Fabulae! The demo of the game should be going live on Steam right about now! And it is something to check out for sure!

About the game

Ars Fabulae tells a story about an elderly woman who gets to go back to a theatre she once helped to build. During that time, she discovers memories from her old friend who has since then sadly passed away. The memories are paired with gorgeous narration and calming voice-overs by different people. Some of the memories you will find will be masks.


I got stunned by the looks of the game instantly (it also instantly filled my entire ultrawide, so big plus there). It must be said that I have a really specific interest when it comes to art style and scenery in-game. But within a few minutes of me playing the game, I just felt that this was one of those games that would last with me for a long time! During your gameplay, you get to interact with objects, as stated above, and certain types of objects have certain outcomes. But if you interact with a mask, you will be taken to a new memory. In these memories (called performances by the developer), you are basically living out the story in a new world, with a just straight up gorgeous art style, and the smoothest gameplay that I have ever experienced in a story game. During these performances, you really feel what the dev wants you to feel: sadness, joy, excitement,… it’s all there. Combine this with some puzzles, and really logical gameplay, and well, time well spent for me.

In conclusion

Well, I was greeted with the phrase “thank you for playing” way too early. I can’t wait for the full version to come out! It was well narrated, well thought out, and great looking. So, maybe you feel like you want to check out what the entire story is about? If the art is actually as great as I claim it looked? Then head over to Steam right now! The demo should be there during the steam festival (June 9th until June 14th). And if you enjoyed the game as well, make sure to let us know, or share it with friends!