Press event: Jump Force

Press event: Jump Force

We had many great things on Tuesday 12 February, great background music by DJ Santy M, great company from Belgian influencers and press, delicious food and drinks. And… of course Jump Force, a game with great long loading times.


17u30: Work is done and pretty excited to head over to REDLOFT in Ghent to meet everyone who’s invited for the press launch party for Jump Force. First things first though, while walking to the event I passed a Geek store and bought a Niffler, it was too cute.

The event started and the set-up is nicely done with two sides, Xbox and Playstation. on the other side of the bar the DJ has a nice stand with a big projector showing Jump Force images. It was my first time visiting REDLOFT and the damn thing is a pure gem in Ghent, with a pretty sweet artistic look.

Around 19u00:
Dinner time! More importantly, delicious food! No pizza or the usual stuff you get at press events but healthy and a good selection of fresh food like baked cauliflower, salmon, perfectly baked roast beef and more.

Tournament time, I managed to win the first round despite having weak fighting skills. I didn’t have any chance against my second opponent but that’s okay. I had a few “Kerel” beers already so I blame it on that. It was a nice touch that losers could continue playing a loser’s tournament so everyone kept playing a decent amount of Jump Force.

Me and my +1, Thierry from the FB group Xbox Gamers Belgium call it a night and head back to Antwerp.

What about Jump Force?

We will have a review up after release, as we don’t have the game yet. The goodie bag had a PlayStation version, Xbox can do a lot but as you know play PS4 games is not one of them. We had a lot of fun with Jump Force but it has a few negatives like too long loading times and confusing camera angles. It is pretty obvious that Anime fans will adore Bandai Namco’s newest fighting game! Be sure to check back to read our review for Jump Force!