Press Event: Injustice 2

Injustice 2 will be coming out soon, and LifeisXbox was invited to attend a press event at the Warner Bros office in Amsterdam. Dutch Editor Patrick got to make the short trip and represent the LifeisXbox crew. Read more about it in this article!

At the event, we were given a presentation by Derek Kirtzic, who we interviewed later that day and got to spend some time playing the game.  Injustice 2 sees many old characters returning but adds quite a few new ones as well, Cheetah, Captain Cold, Blue Beetle to name but a few.

Besides a changed roster NetherRealm Studios has worked hard to add new features to the game like a gear system that allows you to customise the look of your characters as well as providing stat bonuses and even granting new abilities or replacing existing ones.  This gear will be attained through a loot box system that will only be bought using in-game credits. Important, no real currencies will be used whatsoever. This was really emphasised during the presentation. Characters will also level up now so you can be a level 20 Batman and a level 1 Superman. Personally, I like the way the system looked and worked, but I am afraid some opponents you will face online will try to ruin the looks of your favourite heroes and villains.

Another notable new feature is the multiverse system, a single player experience where challenges are offered that are frequently refreshed. Every challenge will have its own requirements and rules and series of opponents for the player to beat. While every fight will give XP and credit bonuses, defeating the whole challenge will give the player a reward in the form of a loot box containing equipment. This can be for any character, not necessarily the one you were playing with.

Finally, guilds are a new addition as well, allowing players to form an in-game guild. This is done completely from within the game and allows players to tackle multiplayer content in the shape of group battles against bosses; where the teammates who are not actively fighting act like a sort of sidekicks that can provide the active player with health and such. While this system was not present in the build that was shown, it sounded promising.

The play sessions we had contained the base game, minus the story mode and guild content and had most of the characters available to play, except for The Joker and Brainiac who were scheduled to be revealed online later that day. Personally, the animations look great with some of the character intros looking absolutely gorgeous. Old characters felt familiar enough to pick up and play right away, though all of them had some changes and additions to their gameplay. Some of the new characters already made it to my short list of possible mains when the game comes out as I loved their playstyle.

After playing against other journalists, it was time for a 1 on 1 interview with Derek Kirtzic which you can read on this link!