Prediction Gamescom 2021 Xbox

Prediction Gamescom 2021 Xbox

Hold your horses! We won’t see any big reveals with Gamescom 2021 (we still got XO later this year) but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a great watch! There’s a lot coming with updates on previously announced games and some small announcements. Here’s what I think we’ll see!

Xbox’s 2021 started a bit slow but it’s ending with a bang! In the last four months of the year, we’re still getting exclusive experiences like Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, Age of Empires 4, The Gunk, CrossfireX, Lake, Scorn, Sable, Shredders, Tunic and even more!

I think the main game of Xbox Gamescom 2021 will be The Gunk. Announced two years ago as an Xbox exclusive. We’ve heard very little and now is the perfect time to change that. Together with Halo and Forza Horizon it will make the Series X|S the best Christmas present you can give to a gamer. A full-blown live-gameplay section and I’m sure The Gunk will impress many viewers and potential buyers.

Another certainty? That’s for the best deal in gaming, Xbox Game Pass. The upcoming list for 2021 is absolutely crazy with heavy third-party hitters like Back 4 Blood, Among Us, Aragami 2, and Microsoft’s first-party offerings.

One thing we’re all wondering is, when will we play Halo Infinite?! Now would be the perfect time to announce a release date, Microsoft now knows when Call of Duty and Battlefield releases so they can cherry-pick a perfect date. We recently had the news that Halo’s (online) co-op and Forge will ship later with free Seasonal content patches but with the massive single-player and addictive online modes players will have enough to do!

After the Xbox Gamescom show, there’s a long gameplay live stream for Forza Horizon 5, yes… that one is also releasing this year. I told you we got a busy end of the year! We’re still missing a car list, so that’s one thing many racing fans are looking forward to.

So what about surprises? While there might not be any new game announcement the list of upcoming Xbox games we know nothing or little about is crazy long. Bethesda’s Starfield for example or Playground’s Fable! There is one game that makes perfect sense for a new trailer though, the new RPG franchise from Obsidian, Avowed.

Whatever they show, it is clear that Xbox has a fantastic lineup in store for 2021 and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the games!