Predicting eight 2022 things for Xbox

Predicting eight 2022 things for Xbox

No, I’m not a fortune teller. So don’t take what I’m writing here for granted. One thing is for sure, the Xbox Series X|S generation is off to a fantastic start. Hopefully, Microsoft can keep the momentum going with new announcements and great new games.

1 | Starfield won’t make 2022

I don’t believe that we will see the release of Starfield in 2022, Bethesda has a history with delays and with a massive game like Starfield it is only normal that some things don’t meet the deadline. I don’t think the delay will be as big as Halo Infinite’s, so early or middle 2023.

2 | Microsoft will revive Killer Instinct

The Killer Instinct reboot in 2013 was one of the few success stories for the early days of Xbox One. With first Double Helix as the developer and afterwards Iron Galaxy Studios for seasons two and three. A new fighting game, powered by the player base from Xbox Game Pass is a sure hit. The only question… who can develop this? Maybe a brand-new Microsoft studio that’s been rumoured for quite some time now?

3 | Microsoft purchasing family-developer

December’s Xbox Game Pass showed one weakness of Xbox Game Pass. Family games! With Outright’s Transformers, Ben 10, Race With Ryan and PAW Patrol it was positively addressed but Microsoft can’t always continue to look for purchasing new family games to fix it. They have to create family games themselves as they have a locked treasure chest of suitable games. For example Banjo Kazooie, Fuzion Frenzy or Viva Pinata.

4 | Arkane Studios is a highlight for Xbox gamers, winning best studio GOTY-awards.

The timed exclusive period for Deathloop is ending on September 14, so Arkane Studios and Microsoft can finally release it for Xbox gamers. More importantly, the real star of 2022 might be Arkane Studios next game, Redfall. This co-operative FPS with vampires was one of the highlights of Xbox Bethesda’s E3 showcase. We’ll see soon enough how it will be but I’m expecting great things from it.

5 | Xbox Streaming hardware

The next logical thing for Xbox streaming will be a device that can connect with televisions. Introduced at a cheap price this will reach a brand-new audience of gamers. If it doesn’t show up in 2022 it definitely will see the light of day in 2023.

6 | Xbox Game Studios is mostly absent, Bethesda and Xbox Publishing makes up for the year with exclusives.

I think Xbox Game Studios will start to shine starting 2023, 2022 will literally be saved by the purchase of Bethesda. With Deathloop, Redfall and a surprise announcement of Wolfenstein 3. We’ll see the return of Forza Motorsport, add-ons for Forza Horizon 5 and new content for Halo Infinite but highly anticipated games like Hellblade 2, State of Decay 3, Fable, Avowed, Everwild, Perfect Dark or Gears 6 won’t release in 2022. You won’t hear me say that 2022 will be a bad year for Xbox, there’s enough coming and with Xbox Game Pass you never run out of options to play. Plus, there is Xbox Publishing too… who knows what they are cooking up!

7 | New IP from unexpected Xbox Game Studios

Xbox has a few studios that are known to be ‘stuck on franchises’, that changed recently though. As studios have more freedom to do what they want, in addition to their heavy hitters. There are some rumors that 343 is co-developing a Halo game in another genre and that The Coalition is working on something else besides Gears 6. It will be very interestign to keep an eye out at the Gamescom and E3 showcases!

8 | Elite Controller Series 3

2022 is the perfect time for the Elite Controller Series 3. Biggest change is a similar PS5 controller feature, adaptive triggers. An inclusion of the share button is a logical step too. There has been some complaints about the durability of some parts of the first and second Series controllers so hopefully that is improved too!