Planet Rix-13 review

Planet Rix-13 review

Created by 9 Eyes Game Studio and Published by Sometimes You, Planet Rix-13 sets out to be a promising 2D adventure game. They had me at the pixel art when I looked at the trailer.Though I never had heard of this game, I gave it a chance. To see what would really be brought to us in this space time adventure. Trust me ladies and gentlemen, what I discovered and experienced was something that I totally did not expect. Want to find out how I fared in this pixelated universe? Then read on, and be amazed at what is, Planet Rix-13.

What is Good?

  • Pixel art: It shouldn’t come to a surprise that I’ve got a huge hard on for pixel art. These take me back to when pixelated games were the coolest. Where everything was point and click and… mm mmm mmmm ,just a delight to play through. Though they could have chosen a bit more vibrant colors to make up the game, it still felt like an enjoyable experience for the eye.
  • Polished: I got to admit, the game plays as smooth as butter. No kinks, no hiccups, nothing. For what amount of time they had to create this game, they surely did put a lot of time and effort to click and match everything seamlessly together. Kudos 9 Eyes, kudos! You created a game that was polished from start to finish, although considering the playtime might be a little expected.
  • 1000G: (no point influence) Gamerscore hoarders, hear ye hear ye, I do declare this game to be fit to grace its presence upon thine leaderboard. Really. One of the easiest 1000G I’ve seen in a long time. So, if you are one of those Gamerscore collectors? This one’s just for you!

Mixed Feelings

  • Music: Okay so let me explain. You’ve got this dreary planet that you are rummaging on, abandoned stations with leaky and creaking corridors and hallways. Yet you have no atmospheric music to press on the mood? C’mon! This was SUCH a missed opportunity. If they would’ve just added a simple ominous track that changed it’s tune from time to time this would have been such a more enjoyable experience.
  • Price point: At 4.99 this game really isn’t badly priced. But still, for 4.99 you’d expect atleast a bit more content then what you get here. Though I still think that the price could be tweaked ever so slightly to be really worth it.

What is Bad?

Content: 45!!! Minutes. I had beaten the game, went for both endings + all achievements unlocked in 45 minutes. I was left awestruck when I suddenly got the message “You have survived”, and was transported back into the menu. I mean… Come on. I wanted to learn more about the story, I wanted to explore more sites, I just wanted more. This really felt like a punch into the groin area. And I kind of felt disappointed. As they did set up for a fun adventure, but just cut it short. You could’ve done better 9 Eyes… you could have done better and expand the game more.

PlanetRix-13 [Score: 60/100]

I am honestly really split in twain with this title guys. On one hand, I liked it, though the experience was bland without any ambient music to give the game a mood. Nor did the story really blow me away. I’m not really going to mention anything about it as I would be pretty much just giving the story away if I’d say anything at all. Though I have to give them credit, even though it’s not a lengthy game at all (45!!! Minutes). However, what they DID deliver was a very smooth and polished game. As well as one of the easiest 1000G I have ever experienced in a game. So, if you are bored and want a quick fix? You might want to give this one a try. Also… GAMERSCORE!