Perfect Woman Review (NSFW)

Review Perfect Woman | What the … was the first thing I thought while playing this weird game. Without a doubt this is one of the weirdest experiences I played on Xbox One, that’s not a bad thing of course. Read the review to find out if this cheap game is worth getting!


  • The game starts in your mother’s womb, after that you can pick what kind of life the woman shall have. The developer isn’t shy for using some extreme choices. Me and my girlfriend were laughing out loud when we saw the option to become a 60-year-old call girl.
  • Laughing is a central piece of what you will do while playing Perfect Woman, the choices you can make or actually playing and seeing the choices are really funny and extreme.
  • The latest Kinect games like FRU or Kung-Fu for Kinect really show that the Xbox One’s Kinect has a much better tracking function. The same can be said about Perfect Woman, I haven’t experienced a single problem while playing the game. So thumbs up for the dev’s, making a great Kinect tracking experience.
  • One of the best things about Perfect Woman are the hand drawn graphics. I’m not entirely sure who made them but congrats, it was a pleasure to see all of the unique characters and environments. While it looks a little childlike, and to be sure I mean that as a compliment, it still has a mature style that I haven’t seen before. Not afraid to use extreme or sexual graphics too, not everyone will appreciate that but I for one love the fact that the dev isn’t afraid to do something different.

Mixed Feelings

  • About that NSFW-part from Perfect Woman. The good thing about it, you haven’t seen anything like it and a mature Kinect game is very rare. But at the same time, having to explain your children what a 60-year-old woman is doing in a cowgirl-position on top of a man is a hard thing to do. Perfect Woman is definitely not for kids, keep that in mind! That said, I don’t have little ones so I really enjoyed the setting from Perfect Woman.


  • The actual gameplay for Perfect Woman is mimicking poses on your screen in the fastest way possible. It’s a fun thing to do for a while but after a few life cycles, when the novelty wears off, it becomes repetitive. For example, you have an Achievement for having 100 lives. I’m honestly not sure if ill ever make that.

Score: 71% | Perfect Woman can shock some gamers with the graphical content but the creative freedom and well designed hand drawn style makes the game stand out.  Blowing away the stereotypes for womans, making people laugh and providing fun although repetitive gameplay. And did I mention that the game is only €9?