Our Halloween afterparty article

Our Halloween afterparty article

We all had our pumpkin soup, watched a horror movie marathon or played some scare games? Halloween is now behind us but that doesn’t mean we can’t look back at it. Here are some of our writers most favorite horror movies and games. And my personal favorite thing to read was everyone’s biggest jumpscare!

Dae Jim

  1. Favorite horror movie | There is one franchise that always perfectly nailed the horror genre and that’s A Nightmare on Elm Street. Freddy Krueger is a brilliantly created character that embodies horror.
  2. Favorite horror game | Remember Condemned? It was launched with Xbox 360 and it is still my favorite horror game. Especially that damn mannequins section is some creepy stuff.
  3. Biggest jumpscare ever | Had to think about this one, eventually decided to go with something that happened in real life. I was on my bike and saw someone I knew, so I started to wave and say hi. what I completely missed though was that the road took a turn. When I looked back in front of me I saw a bus stop pole, couldn’t avoid it anymore. That split second of knowig that I was going to hit it was my biggest jumpscare ever.


  1. Favorite horror movie: Alien | The faux sci-fi setting aged so well and the practical effects they used are fantastic. The movie is older than me, but it still holds up so well to this day.
  2. Favorite horror game: Alien Isolation | It managed to capture the atmosphere of the movies so well and hiding from the alien is truly terrifying. Strong second place for Home Sweet Home: the “Ring”-like ghost chasing you with the clicking box-cutter sound still gives me shivers.
  3. Biggest jumpscare | Signs .The alien walking in broad daylight during the mexican birthday party. I watched this in the theater as a kid and kept water bottles near me for weeks.


  1. Favorite horror movie | I never watched a single horror movie on my life, the closest to a horror movie I’ve watched was Coraline and at the time I thought the “spider” mom was incredibly creepy 
  2. Favorite horror game | I haven’t played many horror games, but Resident Evil Village was most likely the one I’ve played the most, finished it in easy, medium and hard difficulties, couldn’t handle Heisenberg on the Village of Shadows difficulty.
  3. Biggest jumpscare | I honestly don’t remember what was the biggest jumpscare I’ve ever had, but I’d say that Marguerite coming through the window in RE7 is a noteworthy one.


  1. Favorite horror movie | Hereditary – Not only is it classic horror at it’s finest, but there is also other types of horror in the film such as losing a loved one and in a very shocking way. The film takes a dark turn quickly and explores the many horrors of everyday life.
  2. Favorite horror game | Resident Evil 7 (VR) – One of the scariest games with added VR. Immersion, characters up in your face, the fact it feels like you are right in the game is enough to scare anyone.
  3. Biggest jumpscare | Jumpscare from the movie EYE, after a patient, has an eye transplant & see’s dead people for the first time.


  1. Favorite horror movie | My favourite horror film is SAW. I like the collection of films in this series but the first is great as the pace is ongoing throughout and there is a brilliant story hidden behind this first installment. Gives you a true sense of what would you have done.
  2. Favourite horror game | Is going to have to be Until Dawn (PlayStation) and yes, it still saddens me that it wasn’t released for Xbox. The way it scares you, the choices you make, things you find – they all play a part in this incredible game that is made up of ten chapters. Your interactions will make your story and ultimately decide who lives and who dies.
  3. Biggest jumpscare | Has to be given to a round I played against stealth killer Michael Myers in Dead by Daylight. If you know what the ‘scratched mirror build on The Game map or Lery’ map’ implies you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Casually working on a generator, doing your task and meanwhile Michael will come out of nowhere from behind a grab you when you’re least expecting it.


  1. Favorite horror movie | I don’t watch a lot of horror movies, but of the ones I have seen I really liked Insidious. I just liked the movie and I have good memories of watching it with friends.
  2. Favorite horror game | I have never really played any horror games, so I can’t provide an answer here.
  3. Biggest jumpscare | There isn’t really a big jumpscare in my life there are a lot. When watching a series or movie on tv and something unexpected happens, I got a jumpscare. But the biggest one I had so far, was the first time I woke up next to Maui. Damn she’s scary!


  1. My favorite Horror movie | Hmm… that’s a tough one. But if I really had to choose? I would have to say Grave Encounters. There is just something about  this one that had me alert at all times. I love ghosts, and ghost stories. Having this kind of mixed and blended together in a “realistic” setting? Just totally scared the living daylights out of me at times. And I am hard to scare, so yeah!
  2. My favorite horror game | Fatal Frame 1. I never really found Resident Evil or Silent Hill games scary. But then I got my first Xbox and would you know it? This game released shortly after me getting it. The entire premise was so new, and again.. GHOSTS! He he he..! There’s nothing more scarier than having to battle ghosts with a camera and unnerving noises constantly blaring out of the speakers!
  3. My biggest jumpscare | Meeting Maui! God DAYUM that scared the living DAYLIGHTS out of me. Not only did I have trouble sleeping because I was in constant fear of being attacked by a plastic bottle, but I constantly heard her voice inside my head “Hey Alexis… You wanna play a game together?” … Djeez, just thinking about it sends my heart racing again… It’s not real… it’s not real… it’s … not… EEEEEK!!