Our eyes on Xbox releases in January

Our eyes on Xbox releases in January

A new year! January has always been a quiet month for new releases. In 2021 we had Hitman 3 and the Yakuza games to spice up the month, among a few others like Summer in Mara, Iris Fall and Gods Will Fall. For this year we have a key franchise, an exclusive Xbox game and a few interesting indie-releases to keep us busy!

Release dates

07 Jan | Sword of Elpisua
12 Jan | Mushroom Wars 2
13 Jan | The Anacrusis (Xbox console exclusive)
14 Jan | Aery – Dreamscape
14 Jan | Operation Zeta
20 Jan | Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Extraction
20 Jan | Windjammers 2
20 Jan | Blackwind
21 Jan | Gravity Chase
25 Jan | Reverie Knights Tactics
27 Jan | COGEN: Sword of Rewind
27 Jan | Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX-2
27 Jan | Hotel Life: A Resort Simulator
January | Games can always be stealth releases or delayed! We try to update this article daily when we received more information.

Confirmed with Xbox Game Pass

We take a look at some confirmed day one releases with Xbox Game Pass, be aware that more games or delays are possible. We do our best to provide you with correct information.

The Anacrusis | Here you team up with others to fight against hordes of aliens. These fights are always different as everything is randomy generated. From enemy spawns, boss fights, weapons and level layouts. You’ll constantly unlock new perks and ways to play the game, giving it a high replay value.

Windjammers 2 | This arcade-sports game is perfect for the competitive gamers. In this game you’ll be throwing discs and try to score points, compare it with a much faster volleyball game! Hand-drawn visuals create a unique style and the many returning and new characters give the player lots of choices.

All our eyes are on …

Rainbow Six Extraction | This spin-off from Rainbow Six Siege is aimed for cooperative gamers. You must infiltrate an alien location and try to survive while completing objectives. For this the player can pick 18 different operators with unique abilities, similar as Siege. Stealth is encouraged and health is very scarce, making this a slower paced cooperative shooter on the market. We’re very curious to see how this will play, be sure to be on the lookout for our review in January!

Other suggestions | Anacrusis and Hotel Life: A Resort Simulator had our big interest too, there’s a lot coming out in January but the above three games spiked my interest the most!