Omensight Definitive Edition

Omensight Definitive Edition

Developed by Spearhead Games and published by Digerati, Omensight is an action-adventure game with an interactive story for you to unfold. As the war tears apart the land of Urralis and the end of the world approaches, a legendary being is summoned to this place to avoid this crisis. You are the Harbinger, the only one with powers to change the fate of this world.

Use your powers to investigate the murder of the priestess Vera, what seems to be somehow related with outcome of this fateful day. Relieve the last day the ones who played a role in this result, from dawn to their final moments, and find a way to avoid it. Failing is never an option, and, aided by the with that summoned you to this place, you must find the answer to all your questions before the void reaches the tree of life and terminate everyone’s existence. Prepare to travel back and forth through time in this mysterious adventure!

Go ahead, Harbinger: the world needs you
  • Hmm… It seems like I’ve already seen it somewhere else: If that’s the feeling you get after reading this review, I want you to know are absolutely right. Not long ago, I reviewed Stories: The Path of Destinies for Life is Xbox (here’s the link if you want to remember it: and there’s a clear similarity between both titles. Although they aren’t directly related, Omensight can be considered a spiritual successor of Path of Destinies. That’s because the Canadian studio Spearhead Games used the same modus operandi to tell a story from the previous title, adding mystery and investigation to the formula, making what was already good even better! Here the boundaries that define allies and enemies get mixed and unclear as you uncover the truth behind the murder of the priestess and find clues that can lead you to the responsible and his true intentions. I can promise you that, from the moment you start playing, this story will have you curious and intrigued to find all the answers to save this world from apocalypse – if you can really save it.
  • Visuals: If you already have an impressive world in your first game and want to use it again in another title, what do you do? If you said “I try to improve it to make it look even better”, you will hear DING DING DING because that’s the right answer, son! And that’s what the developers have done: they just improved thins to make them even crispier in this ‘sequel’ (I already told you this not a sequel, but I’ll keep calling it a sequel anyway). Hell, I can even see assets and scenarios reused from the first game (like the first levels) and it would be a bad thing, but as there’s a clear improvement between both titles, I’m praising them for what they achieved. Well done, guys!
  • Sound: Did you ask for some good music to guide your adventure? How about I add an extra sauce in the form of some of the best of the best voice work to the plate? Because that’s what you have gotten in this game. But this is no surprise since they have some heavyweights in the cast for this game. Wait, there’s more: There’re beautiful voiced compositions here as well. I’m speechless with the quality of the audio of this game.
  • Feeling weak? It’s time for upgrades! During your adventure, you will get experience points, that can be used to level up your character, and amber, that can be used to upgrade your abilities (or blessings) every time you’re back to the tree of life, that works as your world hub. Every time you gain a level, you unlock a new ability to be used in combat and with the embers, you make them more powerful. Though the game isn’t very challenging (you can change your difficulty level at any time), the ones who want more spice in their steak may want to fully upgrade the character to face the levels.
  • Great replayability: If you enjoy this game and like it’s meant to be played, you will want to find all the possible endings for it. And trust me: there are plenty for you to unlock. Once again, Spearhead Games created a mechanic that invites you to look for different outcomes. Calm down, let me explain it to you. You’re trying to solve a mystery in here. To do so, you will live the last day of their lives, from dawn to the end of the day (and the world) from different perspectives. These perspectives are represented at first by Ludomir, one of the rebels, and General Draga, from the royal army, but soon you will unlock two other perspectives. The interactions, decisions and paths you choose during this day take you to one of many outcomes to this story and here lives the replayability of the game.
Time for upgrades!
  • Let’s skip this one today
Gimme another beer. With honey!
  • Let me go! For many (and when I say many, it’s really MANY) times I found myself stuck behind barrels or vases. Yes, I shouldn’t be there, but I was breaking them looking for amber and got stuck over and over again behind these objects. C’mon, guys, please fix this object collision!
Lonely, I`m so lonely…

Score: 89%
Yes! Spearhead games did it again! They built another piece of art, be it from the visual, audio or storytelling perspective. Although it is not a direct sequel to their previous game, if you enjoyed Stories: The Path of Destinies, you can go ahead fearless because you’re going love this one as well. Be the harbinger, find the answers about the priestess murder and save the world from destruction!

Developer:  Spearhead Games / Nephilim Game Studios  Publisher: Digerati
Played on: Xbox One X Also available on: PC, PS4, Switch
Time to beat: Something around 8 hours
Achievement difficulty for 1000 Gamerscore: Unlocking all possible endings will take you some time. But this is not impossible.  
Perfect for: Those who appreciate a good story, with nice visuals and incredible audio
Xbox Game Store link: Click here