Most disappointing E3 2017 announcements

We had a lot of awesome announcements, Ori and the Will of the Wisps or Anthem to name a few. But with all great things come negative stuff too. Let’s take a look at some disappointing moments!

From Rafael Faria

After a one year break from the series, I was really expecting something different. We will end up playing the same game as always, which doesn’t necessarily mean it will be bad but I expected more.

Although they showed a beautiful city in the gameplay trailer, I still have the impression we will be driving tanks instead of cars when it’s released. Maybe I’m being to harsh or indifferent about this game because the first one was a big disappointment… Hope I’m wrong about this one and that everyone can enjoy it.

From Patrick

Sorry, this will be a bit of a rant. After spending a lot of time (and money) on Destiny, I expected something a bit more than what basically looks like Destiny 1.5. I’ve been playing Destiny since launch, and I’ve always disliked them giving less content for the same price to Xbox players. I get that it’s a strategy. However, if you do release a multi-platform game, at least cater equally to all platforms you are releasing on. Couple that with Destiny 2 not getting Xbox One X enhancements, this makes it the most disappointing announcement to me. Maybe if I ever get around to picking up a PS4, I might end up playing this, but right now it seems unlikely that I will bother with this on Xbox. Destiny was the most expensive shooter I’ve ever played with their pricey expansions, and I don’t wish to be treated like garbage in return because I play on a certain platform.

After taking a break from consoles, there was no NBA Live 17, I expected a bit more than what we were shown. The presentation was almost a footnote only telling us that there will be a story mode called the One and there will be a Demo. That’s it. Wow. We had a story mode before so we’ll have to see what makes this one worth mentioning. But seeing the mixed reception of NBA Live 16, taking the year off and then coming back at E3 and only giving us this? Maybe it’s an under-hyping strategy, and if that’s the case, it definitely is working. I couldn’t possibly be less hyped about this title right now.

From Dae Jim

Terry Crews starts pumping up the audience, in a style only he can do. When they actually show gameplay I’m left with the biggest disappointing feeling I had in a loooooong time. Sure, it looks crazy fun but we didn’t see the promised mind-blowing world damage, we didn’t see crazy Xbox One X graphics, it looks like Crackdown 2.5! You can come up with all excuses and say that only the multiplayer will feature destructive environments but why on Earth don’t you show that on the biggest gaming event on the Planet?! What a letdown!

Big news this year, Minecraft and Rocket League gamers from Xbox One and Nintendo Switch can play together in the coming future! The console with the slogan “For The Players” will not have this option because Sony doesn’t want it. With the lame excuse that Xbox Live isn’t secure enough, news flash for Sony: You are already doing crossplay with PC gamers, that’s three times more less secure when you compare it with the safe network environment from Xbox Live.