Most memorable characters (2017) from Indie-developers

We take a look at some of the most memorable characters from Indie-developers on Xbox. Be sure to make your own shortlist and share them with LifeisXbox on Facebook or Twitter


Game: Candleman Review: Didn’t receive a review code. Sorry!

We unfortunately didn’t play Candleman but nothing but good can be found about this platform game. Let’s be honest, how bloody awesome is this character idea and gameplay mechanic? You decide when to light up the levels with your candle light, giving the platform gameplay a unique twist.


Game: Blackwood Crossing Review: Click here

With great voice acting and some excellent story telling Blackwood Crossing is still one of my favorite games from 2017 (review was written by Patrick, not me) Scarlett is one of the reasons why, just like Life is Strange the game isn’t afraid to touch some emotional stuff.


Game: Voodoo Vince: Remastered  Review: Click here

His sarcastic humor makes it an instant memorable character for me, as a charming voodoo doll he has the power to kill enemies by hurting himself. Resulting in some hilarious gameplay moments and funny dialogue.


Game: Little Nightmares  Review: Click here

What a game! Be sure to check our review to know why, we scored it 91% though! Six is the main character from Little Nightmares and she is surrounded by mystery and speculation. I’m still waking up at night sometimes and think what was actually the meaning from Six.. I guess that says enough. Anyway, Six is a fantastic character and everyone should play this fantastic game.


Game: Cuphead  Review: Click here

A confident wide cup with some animations and design that could perfectly fit into any Disney cartoon. Loved by many critics and gamers, Cuphead will have a lasting memorable impression. While the game doesn’t really have character bounding moments, it’s still a character were you fall in love with from the first moment you see it.