Mages of Mystralia Review

Mages of Mystralia Review

Mages of Mystralia

You can bet on it that I’m always playing as a mage in video games, when possible. The power from magical elements have always allured me, I think it all started with my Undead mage in World of Warcraft. But I digress. Mages of Mystralia let’s you control a mage in training, named Zia, was this magical journey worth it? Find out in this review!¬†


  • Mages of Mystralia manages to capture your attention immediately, the story and lore is interesting and brings a new wave of fresh air in the action RPG genre.¬† It is by no means a deep or engaging story but the introduction, reason and overall setting perfectly works to keep you playing.
  • A beautiful cartoon art-style and a creative design makes it a great looking game, it is like looking at a colorful rainbow, you never get tired from it. Don’t get me wrong though, it clearly isn’t a high budget game as some textures are a little rough but the atmosphere makes up for some shortcomings.
  • Easily the most impressive and realistic feature that Mages of Mystralia has is the open spellcrafting. It made me feel like a real mage, that might be a little silly but who cares, right? Anyway,¬†this spellcrafting feature let’s you create your own spells,¬†the¬†customization was way higher than I originally thought. Making your own fireball with additional buffs and effects is not only awesome to create but awesome to¬†withhold too.¬† The puzzle solving walks hand in hand with this spellcrafting, sometimes you have to think a little, even with the hints from the game but nothing too difficult or annoying.


  • Not every game should be nail-biting hard like Cuphead but I do want a little challenge while playing. The puzzles are fine but the combat, especially with bosses is way too easy. The positive thing, the game is playable for many audiences, including children. (You might want to help with the puzzles though)


  • Something that fails to deliver is the quest design, I think every gamer hates backtracking fetch quests and this game has quite a few of them. Quests don’t really have a lasting effect either, it literally is game filling that could have been delivered much better. When you have such an enjoyable story and pretty good writing it is a little weird to see this difference in execution.

Mages of Mystralia is a wonderful world full with strange and magical creatures, kinda like Australia. It has charming visuals that create a suiting atmosphere and the spellcrafting is truly really special and fun to use.