Lovely Planet review

What’s bad about the Elite controllers? It’s a lot more expensive when you throw one on the ground in anger. You wouldn’t have guessed it when you look at it but Lovely Planet is an insanely difficult game, and that’s fun.

The colorful and childlike look from Lovely Planet can be considered weird if you know how difficult this game becomes after a few levels. Just like Super Meat Boy you will have to retry the same level over and over again before you’ll finally finish it. You have to do it fast, before the time limit expires for a star reward. You also have to aim perfectly without an aiming reticle and avoid the enemy fire. GOOD LUCK! Yeah it’s hard but that’s the charm from Lovely Planet, the moment when you finally finish a -what you thought- unbeatable level. Such gameplay is not for everyone so be sure to know what you buy before spending money on this game!


  • Lovely artwork and colors, giving it a unique look and feel
  • Very difficult gameplay that requires your full attention and skill
  • Good sound


  • Playing the same short level 1000 times and dying 999 times isn’t for everyone
Score: 72%