Lego Worlds Review

Review Lego Worlds |
I still have fond memories playing with LEGO when I was a kid, building big spaceships or trying to recreate a scene from the Power Rangers. That creating magic hasn’t found the way on consoles yet, until now. LEGO Worlds creating tool let’s you make everything you can think of. Building stuff in real life with LEGO is an easy task, is it the same with LEGO Worlds? Let’s find out in this review!


  • LEGO Worlds has two main things for me, building with blocks and exploration. You can spend hours, days even months playing this game and still find something completely new. You come across towns, massive scary looking dark forests, deserts with beautiful hidden caves, flying cities with godlike buildings, islands surrounded by water and impressive sunsets, fairy tale worlds were you can imagine your own Disney stories, realistic towns with an infestation from zombies or beavers, farms with cows, sheep and chickens, worlds with floating candy and happy colorful rainbows, I can go on and on but the most impressive thing is the amount of unique items. Hundreds if not thousands unique items are found when playing LEGO Worlds, only looking at animals is a long list, sharks, butterflies, dogs, cats, beavers, crocodiles, birds, spiders, pigs and much, much more. In short, the game has an insane amount of content. And if you can’t find it, you can simply make it yourself.
  • You are constantly searching to use your discovery tool, if you come across new items you can scan them, afterwards you can place the scanned item in the worlds. For example, you can scan a scary zombie and place it in another fairy tale world. The possibilities are endless and finding new items was the main motivation for me to continue playing.
  • A remarkable soundtrack and cute sound effects make exploring the worlds much more fun. I had a few favorites and I actually came back to a specific world to hear a music track. It fits the brick worlds perfectly!
  • Visually things look fantastic, despite the short draw distance. Everything is made out of LEGO bricks, every-single-thing! Giving the players a special and cute visual experience. It gives you some inspiration too for your own world projects, can’t wait to see some works from the most talented people.


  • The building tools make sure that you can create anything you want but it is not something that everyone will enjoy, or even understand. A complicated process with some frustrating controls, placing some blocks at a specific location can be very annoying. It’s the main reason why I wasn’t tempted for spending too much time making my imaginary castles or dungeons. I’m sure it’s a fifty-fifty thing though, I can’t wait to see some creations from friends!
  • I understand that the developers wanted to give a learning curve for players but finding 100 golden bricks before you can create or build your own world felt like an unnecessary limitation. On the other hand, creative players will definitely know how to use to creation tools.
  • I love how random quests can be but they become very monotone too. Save this character from enemies, color this item, build this wall… it are quests that come back way too often. LEGO Worlds is such an original experience in many ways making it much more painful to see typical filler quests.


  • The game can look spectacular but is plagued by very obvious pop up and slow loading items. It destroys the magical feeling a little to constantly see the technical limitations with the draw distance. Big worlds also come with some extreme frame rate drops.
  • Developer TT Games has always had one consistent problem and that’s the camera. LEGO Worlds isn’t any different, in fact it struggles even more with this new game. It’s nothing short of a disaster controlling the camera in houses or small caves, confusing you while trying to build something.
  • Imprecise controls make it hard to not get frustrated while building medium or large structures. You will need monumental patience and time to master the creation tools and free-build options. It isn’t the building tool alone, climbing or maneuvering around jungles for example could have been so much easier too.

Score: 65 % | LEGO Worlds, it has so much potential for creative players. You can truly create whatever you want and discover magical places with endless possibilities. Technical issues, inaccurate controls and repetitive quests make it a lot less great than it could have been. Creating a big mist-cloud of disappointment, troubling the view from a pretty good game.