Infinite Adventures Review

Infinite Adventures Review

It’s been a while since a developer heralding from “The lands of the West” threw itself at the Dungeon Crawler market. But that’s exactly what StormSeeker Games did. Being a new and budding indie developer, you can clearly see they wanted to make a statement by creating this gem in a genre that’s tailored towards a very niche market. And ho boy, they sure did deliver. So Travelers, lets put on our Explorer’s Cap and dive into the endless catacombs of what is, Infinite Adventures.

What is Good?

  • Visuals: Let me get this out of the way. The visuals in this game look absolutely on point. From the vibrant colors of the Town of Giamata, to the dreary hallways that make up the dungeons down under, the environments will suck you in straight away and will leave you wondering, how the next floor will look like. You can see that they put some care in delivering you some interesting surroundings. And that’s exactly what could make, or break a game. And on this note, they surely made it.
  • Fluidity: Everything you do in this game just feels, smooth. From the combat to just moving around in the dungeon, everything gets stitched together without any kinks or bumps along the way. So smooth in fact, you will often lose track of time and be surprised by how much you actually did and how far you have gotten, and more importantly how much time you spent, without one slow or dull moment.
  • Repeatability: This game offers you a seemingly infinite range of possibilities on how you would like to play it. With 10 different kinds of classes to play with, over 200+ skills and spells, procedural generated dungeons, not one play through will ever be the same! And that’s what will keep this game going for countles hours!
  • Developer Follow-up: The people over at StormSeeker Games are, without a shadow of a doubt, passionate about their game. I got the chance to briefly speak to one of the devs and I got to say, they made the game with every ounce of love and passion they had for this one. So you can rest assured, if ever a nasty bug would pop up they’ll try to fix it as soon as possible.

Mixed Feelings

  • UI: Ho boy, if you are used to a certain set of key patterns? You’d better throw that knowledge aside. They redesigned the controls to be more intuitive. But if you are not accustomed to those set of buttons, you’ll be pressing wrong buttons for a looong time. It took me hours before I finally started to get familiar to these outlandishly new button combo’s.
  • Soundscape: On the notion of sound, I’m a bit split in twain. On one side, most of their voice actors did an AMAZING job at representing their characters and making them feel as real as they could be. But some lacked that “oompf” that makes a voice stick to the persona they were conveying. As for the soundtrack, which is relaxing and not disturbing at all, I do have to say that if you are grinding a level, the same tune on a loop does start to get boring after a while. Maybe some switching up could help that part.
  • Autosaves: As of the moment of writing this review, autosaves are not yet in the game. And honestly this bit used to be in the What is Bad? Section. But before I condemned them to this truth, I took my troubled thought to their discord and asked if it was intentional or not. And to my surprise I wasn’t the first person asking this. And this exactly the reason I put the developer follow up in the what is good section. They were actually looking into putting an Autosave function in! So this is actually one notion that will fade out the moment the push the update that adds the autosave function.

What is Bad?

  • Sprites: I had to think long and hard about what I would put in this section. But then it sprung to me, the sprites. Now don’t get me wrong, most of the sprites you will encounter, from either the protagonists or the enemies, look just fine. But unfortunately, not all of them have the same kind of quality and polish as the rest of them did, which is a pity as they put a lot of care into this. Another unfortunate truth is that you will be encountering the same sprites over and over again, maybe sometimes in a different hue but always in the same pose.. Which I find a bit disappointing

Infinite Adventures [Score: 79/100]

All in all this game is simply amazing. StormSeeker Games truly outdid themselves creating this beautiful work of art. Their attention to detail and passion for the genre simply shines through. Now, if dungeon crawlers tickle your pickle, the song of replayability sings strong in your soul.. If losing hours upon hours exploring deep depths don’t bother you? Then this one is right up your alley! I am sure that we will be seeing more coming out of StormSeeker Games in the near future as well. So this is me, signing off.. I’ve got a few more floors to grind through. See you on the other side, Travelers!