Heroes Trials Review

Heroes Trials Review

Heroes Trials is your typical Zelda inspired RPG, on a low budget. This €6 game comes from developer Shinyuden, an indie studio from Tokyo. Picked up by Ratalaika Games, known for quite a few good, decent and bad Xbox One games by now. You never know what you get and Heroes Trials falls somewhere in between. Spiked your interest by writing Zelda inspired? read on to see if Heroes Trials is something for you. Oh, and I think you’ll agree with me that the boxart is pretty well done, right?

The good

  • Accessible for everyone: Creator Shinyuden made sure that Heroes Trials is a game that everyone can play. The interface is clear and the “trials” are easy enough to understand, each trial had a very generous time limit, although I think they added that so players wouldn’t immediately explore the sizeable island, you’ll never run around lost because the map navigation is pretty useful. Combat is really easy too, reminding me about the older Zelda-games from Nintendo. Switching between the two playable characters is fast and fighting all the mobs and bosses remains fun throughout the trials.
  • Cute visuals: Heroes Trials plays it safe with environments and monster design but the diversity and use of small details are interesting enough to keep the eyes entertained. In the short time that you play (around four hours) you’ll come across many different looks, inside a volcano, woods, a beach, dark caves. Something you normally see in a traditional longer RPG is something you find here too but at a much faster pace.

Mixed feelings

  • Lack of any challenge: Not every game should demand an Albert Einstein IQ or insane gaming skills but Heroes Trials is very easy to complete. Might be fun for some of you, relaxing on the couch with a blanket and a purring cat on your lap but I missed some harder parts in the game, I never felt that I accomplished something.
  • Quick and clear story: The game kinda starts like my real life, waking up too late making it difficult to do your tasks. All joking aside, the narrative is incredibly simple, while I understand that Heroes Trials isn’t the type of game for a full fletched story-experience I do wish it was a little bit more meaningful. It gets the job done and that’s about it.

The bad

  • A lot of bugs: It has been a while since I played such a buggy game, not something I’m used by the publisher and console porter Ratalaika Games. Dying straight after loading screens for no reason, attack hits that don’t register, puzzle pieces that fail to work, the movement that stops working, Enemies that move through walls and get stuck, I could go on for a while and it is a real shame. Heroes Trials isn’t the greatest game on the Xbox Store but the experience would have been decent enough if it wasn’t infested by a million bugs.
  • Disappointing sound: Publisher Ratalaika Games calls it a fascinating soundtrack, I call it a great reason to never trust a word publishers say about their game. While opinions can differ of course, I’m willing to bet that you will hardly find anyone who thinks the sound is appealing. Sound effects sound lame and uninspiring, music is repetitive and misses personality.

Heroes Trials | Score: 53/100

Developer: Shinyuden
Ratalaika Games
Xbox Store link:
Click here, priced €6

A game that fails to leave any lasting positive opinion, it isn’t the worst game but I can’t really recommend it. The one thing that sticks is how buggy the overall experience is, a shame because it had potential.