Hands-on Metro Exodus

Hands-on Metro Exodus

I played a lot of games at Gamescom but Metro Exodus made the best impression, this truly is and will be one of the best games in 2019. In the 35 minutes that I played you could clearly see that developer 4A Games is using the previous two Metro games as a guide but isn’t afraid to add and change-up the known formula. 

Welcomed by the friendly people from Koch Media we sat down and without much explanation we could get our hands on Metro Exodus. They only said to use the med kits (you’ll need it) and check your wrist watch for knowing where you have to go. The med kit suggestion was a great advice, Metro is a hard game and you really have to use some fighting tactics to survive the bandits and mutated monsters.

Insane visuals…

Beautiful, that is the first thing that screams from the screen. I have seen the Xbox One X version in action and it seems to look the same as the PC version that I played at Gamescom. The forest was dense and the line of sight was impressive, buildings aren’t empty and really feel like it is a part of the world. Lots of other games don’t pay that much attention with all houses, in Metro every single house looked different and highly detailed.

The previous two Metro games were known for their dark environments and I’m glad that the developer changed it up a little bit. Exodus takes place a while after the radiation and the player can now explore pretty large environments set in a day and night cycle. The world is full with mutated dangers, so you can never run around with a safe feeling. Mutated bears, deer and some kind of huge monster. Metro Exodus isn’t for the faint hearted, shooting up enemies is pretty gore too, so don’t expect to give this to your ten-year old brother.

Not lost in the dark, but lost in the world…

I had some issues finding my way, despite your visible indicator on your wrist bracer. I wasn’t the only journalist that had no clue where to go, so I was glad that I wasn’t the only one. That isn’t a bad thing though, you really have to explore the world and it is pretty easy to miss a hidden path that makes it a little easier to survive some enemies. I quickly learned to use the save option because face it, you will die often while playing Metro Exodus. You get swarmed by skilled enemies and ammunition is scarce, making your bullets or arrows is done in a separate craft screen but no worries it isn’t that difficult.

Another great thing about the game was the sound, enemies yell your position and the A.I. seems to actively try to make your life a living hell. Like I said in the beginning Metro Exodus is the best game that I played at Gamescom and I’m really looking forward to play more in February.