Guns, Gore & Canolli review

Guns, Gore & Cannoli, the name itself deserves some credit but the game too. Made by the Belgian Crazy Monkey Studios they make me, a Belgian gamer really proud! 

РBuy this, Capiche?

Xbox One already has a few¬†2D side-scrolling action games but Guns, Gore & Cannoli stands out with it’s humor and mafia setting with zombies. With a lovely art style, big¬†variety of enemy types and balanced difficulty the game stays fresh in the pretty short story mode. For an indie-game the voiced dialogues are spot on, although I find it weird that the subtitles and voiced conversations don’t always match. While adventuring with character¬†Vinnie you’ll come across some nice looking colorful¬†environments and hordes of enemies, you’re not alone though since you can play local co-op


  • Voiced actors are really good
  • The humor is spot on with the mafia setting
  • Art design and character design is really good


  • Co-op mode is great but only local
  • Some extra replay value would have been welcome


  • A few¬†noticeable frame drops when playing