Get to know our writers: which three games defined your life?

Get to know our writers: which three games defined your life?

This is a hard question depending on who you ask, games that defined your life. It can have many reasons, right? I asked LifeisXbox writers Mikachu and Michael, hereis what they had to say.

This is what Mikachu had to say:

I started playing games on the computer. But those where just random little flash games from . I really enjoyed it but then I got a xbox! Oooh was I excited! I got a lot of games but the one I played the most was Tomb raider Legend. I played it alone and with a friend. Every time I died, she could play, and the other way around. It was awesome. After that I’ve played all the tomb raider games until the last one. Back then I also started drawing and my first drawing was of course; Lara Croft.

Fiesta online might be a game that you never heard about. However I played this game for years. I had an online family in this game. That’s how it felt. But Gamigo crushed us all by dropping the game and deleting the servers, together with all my characters. Sad times. This still hurts to this day. Even though I was 17 or 18 when it was deleted. I played it for 5 years, every day. And suddenly it was gone. I’ve tried the other Fiesta online from the other developer but its just not the same anymore.

World of Warcraft was my first big MMO I have played. I still play it every now and then and, am now waiting for the new expansion Shadowlands. I fell in love with the fantasy MMO genre after playing this and I’ve played quite a few MMO after this. Like, there is literally a point in time where I couldn’t find a new MMO because I had played them all. Haha. If you haven’t played any of these I can highly recommend you try them. I hope it gives you as much joy as it gave me. Have fun!

This is what Michael had to say:

I don’t need to think long about the answer since there are multiple games that I played for I don’t know how many hours and most of them I’m still playing. But the three that mean the most to me are: Pokémon:This is one of the games that I’m still playing hardcore on the Nintendo Switch and on my phone, but for me it all started with the TV show. After that I started collecting the trading cards and after a long time of begging, my parents finally got me a Gameboy and my first game was Pokémon Ruby. I was already addicted to the little creatures and I think that never stopped. While writing this, Mew is sitting on my PC as always watching over my gaming adventures.

League of Legends:This is the second game that played an important role for me growing up. I can still remember when I started playing at first. Every weekend me and my friends would get together and play this game for hours on end. I loved the different LAN-parties we went too to get our faces smacked, yet we never gave up and always tried to play better. Nowadays I maybe play 4-5 games in a week and my interest has shifted towards other games. Stil, I will never forget the days where League was life.

RuneScape: Honestly who didn’t grow up with this game? And the best part: it still isn’t death! Nowadays the servers aren’t as busy as they used to be, but every once in a while, I still play this game with a group of friends and we try to make Gielinor unsafe. Whether we try to defeat bosses or just go on silly adventures with pointless goals, I still manage to lose time while playing. Where a lot of people quit the game in my group of friends, it’ still ‘a thing’ and that’s why I personally think it’s still amazing.