Games releasing in February

Games releasing in February

Best of luck for all readers, I hope you saved some money for this insane month! Especially February 15 is a very busy period with four big IP’s Crackdown 3, Jump Force, Metro Exodus, and Far Cry: New Dawn. Other big releases include Anthem, DiRT Rally 2.0 and The LEGO Movie 2. Take a look at all the February releases and our four hand-picked indie favorites for this month.

Four Indie-spotlight games

Big releases get enough attention, so each month I pick four indie games that I think are worth your money. This list is in alphabetic order!

Degrees of Separation (14 Feb)
I’m sure they love to bring out this game on Valentine’s day, this 2D co-op puzzle game from developer Moondrop looks absolutely fantastic with a very beautiful art style. You will be navigating complex cooperative platforming puzzles by interacting with the environment.

Fimbul (28 Feb)
This action adventure game based on the old mystical Nordic world from developer Zaxis is another fantastic looking world. A prime example that indie-games can stand out between big AAA-games, the atmosphere and hopefully gameplay will make this a great experience.

Salt and Sanctuary (6 Feb)
Guessing this game doesn’t need an introduction for the most of you, with many favorable reviews on other platforms Salt and Sanctuary is finally releasing on Xbox One. Best described as a 2D Dark Souls game, hard gameplay and creepy dark visuals make this a must play.

RIOT: Civil Unrest (6 Feb)
A real-time riot simulator. That wasn’t something you were expecting to play in 2019, right? Merge Games is bringing this very unique experience for Xbox One, letting you play as the crowd and police forces in many different scenarios. Beautiful pixel-art and one-of-a-kind gameplay make this niche game worthwhile.

All February releases

01 Feb | Dragons: Dawn of New Riders
01 Feb | Animal Super Squad
01 Feb | 8-bit Hordes
01 Feb | WarGroove
05 Feb | Spike Volleyball
06 Feb | Astroneer
06 Feb | Salt and Sanctuary
06 Feb | RIOT: Civil Unrest
06 Feb | 39 Days To Mars
07 Feb | Pumped BMX Pro
07 Feb | Evoland Legendary Edition
08 Feb | Away: Journey to the Unexpected
08 Feb | Pipe Push Paradise
08 Feb | Glass Masquerade
08 Feb | Please, Don’t Touch Anything
08 Feb | Monster Energy Supercross 2
12 Feb | Hyper Jam
12 Feb | Conarium
14 Feb | A Fold Apart
14 Feb | Degrees of Separation
15 Feb | HackyZack
15 Feb | Crackdown 3
15 Feb | Jump Force
15 Feb | Metro Exodus
15 Feb | Far Cry: New Dawn
22 Feb | Anthem
22 Feb | Unexplored: Unlocked Edition
26 Feb | The LEGO Movie 2
26 Feb | Stellaris: Console Edition
26 Feb | DiRT Rally 2.0
26 Feb | 8-bit Invaders!
26 Feb | Trials Rising
28 Feb | Fimbul
Also in Feb | Gang Beasts, Ghost of a Tale

Most anticipated by LifeisXbox staff

Dae Jim: Crackdown 3 – Degrees of Separation – Anthem

Alexis: Anthem – Far Cry: New Dawn – Crackdown 3