Fragments of Him review

Fragments of Him is an interactive story with some game elements, an emotional rollercoaster about homosexuallity, death and the changing world as an elderly person.  Let’s find out if the story is worth telling in this Fragments of Him review!


  • The relationships between the four different playable characters are well written.
  • Fragments of Him is a story-driven interactive experience and that’s quite rare, a game like this isn’t for everyone but I’m so happy that Sassybot took this huge risk.
  • The story from the grandmother was my favorite, it was really recognisable and emotional. But even my least favorite part, the ex-girlfriend was still fun to experience.
  • I loved the art style, it’s always clear what you need to do so you can move the story further without delay.
  • Voice acting is spot on, the dialogues between the characters are realistic and you hear the emotion in the voices.


  • You play a specific part two times, a little bit unnecessary.
  • Loading screens take pretty long and are frequent too, I don’t really understand why the game should load stuff anyway, graphics aren’t really that demanding.
  • Little replay value and pretty short (3 hours)


Score: 83% | Fragments of Him has gameplay features but that’s not why the game is remarkable. With great storytelling and characters you really feel every little emotional part that developer Sassybot brings. It’s relatively short but you get more from it than a movie.